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Tifa ·Lockhart Cloth from Final fantasy VII.

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Update information:
1.better textures and Model for the boots and gauntlets.
2.add light armor version and the ID same as the heavy version.
Update imformation: better textures and a little changes for Model of the cloth.
Here you can find the Tifa idle in the photo:
Mod Name: Tifaclothbyhimmelsky
By: Himmelsky
Version: V1
support for CBBE
This is my Original Outfitmod and was created with the tools: 3dmax, zbrush, xnormal, nifskope and CK.
(I just improve this Cloth these days, so lets wait the next version in the foture;D)

The Hairstyle: you can download the mod from the follow link of a chinese website(if you know chinese :D):雷霆发型.7z
or give me you emailadress, i will send it to you as soon as possible. Beacause i dont have the right to upload this mod.;(
Install using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)
1. Download the file from Nexus
2. Select the file in the Mods tab of NMM, and click on the "Activates the selected mod" button.
The ID of Items
Cloth: XX000D63
Boots: XX000D62
Gauntlets: XX000D64