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Makes Stamina, Magicka and Healing potions refillable at Alchemist shops.

Featured in Skyrim Mod of the Day Ep.158. Thanks Preykousis!

When using any type of these potions (minor, normal, plentiful, vigorous, extra or ultimate) you will get an empty bottle of this same type.

At an alchemist shop you will find barrels (kegs) with liquid to refill these bottles.

Shops that own these barrels:

- Solitude - Angeline's Aromatics
- Dawnstar - Mortar and Pestle
- Markath - Hag's Cure
- Whiterun - Arcadia's Cauldron
- Riften - Elgrim's Elixirs

At first run you have to choose an option, to get an agreement on how to use the barrels:

1- Automatically, with no questions asked: Every time you try to use a potion barrel, the smallest bottle available will be filled. So if you have 3 minor bottles, 2 vigorous and 5 ultimate, you can just Use the barrel 10 times and fill them all, with no questions about what to fill, or either just use it 4 times, and you would get 3 minor potions and 1 vigorous.

2- Select bottle to fill: When using a barrel you will be prompted with a menu to choose what specific bottle to fill.

You can DROP this agreement anytime to get the option menu again, so you can switch from one mode to another anytime you want.

Prices are calculated automatically but are slightly cheaper than bottle versions.

Please click the version number on the mod details.


PLEASE report any issues you find, so I can fix them, and also feel free to make requests.

I plan on adding more barrels around the world randomly, and maybe make more potions fillable. Requests are welcome, as I don't know which potions are most used or needed by other players.

Have fun!

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