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Ever wanted locational damage in Skyrim? This mod includes effects and damages based on the body part you hit. Current version: v2.2

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish

I am currently taking a break from modding and will only occasionally be on this site for the next time.

This mod brings to Skyrim what should have totally been already implemented by Bethesda Softworks: locational damage.
Don't forget to comment if you like it! It keeps me motivated. :-)
If there are any questions/feedback/bug reports, check the FAQ/comment- or the Known bugs/issues-section first before posting to see if it was already handled. Also check the introduction before playing this mod as I describe there what the mod should be or should achieve.
Bethesda Forum Thread

[size=+1.85]Table of Contents[/size]

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • List of possible effects
  • Installation & Requirements
  • Updating
  • Uninstallation
  • Known bugs/issues
  • Compatibility
  • Troubleshooting
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Recommended mods
  • Changelog
  • Permission
  • Credits


Locational Damage is a combat mod designed for the use with other combat mods to add an additional layer of depth and strategy to combat, supporting a more realism orientated playstyle. But it's fully stand-alone, meaning that you can use it as the only combat enhancement if you don't want your combat to be completely overhauled. The Mod Configuration Menu from SkyUI allows you to customize the mod completely to make it fit its purpose.
This mod can really change the way you think in combat. You need to be precise in your aiming and patient in your timing to get the rewarding effects this mod offers. But caution! You're also affected by this mod, your enemies can and WILL use that to their advantage so make sure you block or dodge every attack you can! Otherwise prepare to get knocked down or to bleed to death...


- New critical hits based on the bodyzone for NPCs and Draugr:
Locational Damage introduces a new type of critical hits for NPCs and Draugr. They occur depending on how well armored the bodyzone you hit is, how strong you are compared to your target and the given chance you are able to modify in the configuration menu. Criticals are commented by messages by default, like these: "Critical hit: Head!" / "Critical shot: Chest!"; With the player as the target: "Critical hit: Head! (Player)" / "Critical shot: Chest! (Player)".

- New effects:
New effects like staggering, disarming or blurried vision, depending on which bodyzone you critically striked, are a satisfying reward for good aiming and timing.

- Extra damages on magicka/stamina for head/leg hits:
Adds even more importance to aiming. If you want to take out a mage effectively for example you want to aim mainly to his head to make him lose much magicka.

- Archery, melee and magic support:
Locational Damage supports archers, warriors and mages.

- Scripted AI for Locational Damage:
This mod also implements a complete new system for the AI detecting the best bodyzone to hit in the current situation. Fights will be harder but also more interesting. NPCs can and WILL counter your actions by hitting the proper bodyzone. For example if you keep attacking them with a sword they will try to aim to your arm to disarm you. This feature does scale with your difficulty setting meaning on Master/Legendary setting your enemies are twice as good in their aiming!

- 14 different bodyzones:
Head (+ face), neck (+ nape), left shoulder, right shoulder, chest (+ heart), left arm, right arm, back, groin, legs, feet.
(NOTE: Each bodyzone can be disabled/enabled for each module in the configuration menu.)

- Percentaged damage:
Percentaged damage adds extra damage depending on your weapon skill, weapon damage and the target's armor at the bodyzone you hit resulting in more or less damage depending on how well armored the bodyzone is.

- MCM for customization:
MCM is an amazing feature of SkyUI which is implemented in many mods already and is also implemented in this mod. It allows you to adjust the whole mod to exactly how you want it.

[size=+1.7]List of possible effects[/size]

  • Head:
    • Blurried vision
    • Instant-kill (Archery only)
    • Face: Staggering if the attacker's weapon is heavy enough
    • Dropping helmet if a bash attack was used
    • Magicka-damage (Melee)
    • Health-damage (Archery)
  • Throat:
    • Throat bleeding
    • Health-damage
    • Neck: Instant-kill (Melee only)
  • Heart:
    • Drains 20%/40% of current health/stamina
  • Right shoulder:
    • Damages One- and TwoHanded by 50 for 10 seconds
    • Health-damage
  • Left shoulder:
    • Damages Archery by 50 for 10 seconds
    • Health-damage
  • Right arm:
    • Disarms the target if it was attacking
    • Health-damage
  • Left arm:
    • Reduces the block-skill of the target to 0 for 10 seconds (w/o shield)
    • Dropping of the shield (w/ shield)
    • Health-damage
  • Chest:
    • Knockdown if the target is staggering/recoiling
    • Health-damage
  • Back:
    • Knockback if powerattack and/or heavy weapon
    • Health-damage
  • Groin:
    • Paralysis
    • Stamina-damage
  • Legs:
    • Knockback if the target is sprinting
    • Damages One- and TwoHanded by 30 for 10 seconds
    • Stamina-damage
  • Feet:
    • Knockdown or, if the target is sprinting, knockback
    • Stamina-damage

  • [size=+1.7]Installation & Requirements[/size]


    - SKSE
    - SkyUI, if you want to use the configuration menu


    Place the scripts-folder and the .esp-file into your /Data-folder.


    If you update from a previous version make a clean save first by doing the following:

    1. Make sure you are in an interior and have no effects caused by this mod on you.
    2. Check 'Freeze mod' in the MCM and exit the menu OR, if you're not using the MCM, type in the console: set KahmulLOCFreeze to 1.
    3. Wait a few seconds, then exit the game.
    4. Uncheck 'Locational Damage.esp' in your preferred mod manager or Skyrim Launcher.
    5. Start the game.
    5. Wait a few seconds without doing anything. Again, make sure you don't have any effects from Locational Damage on you.
    6. Save and exit.
    7. Install the new version.
    8. Load your save.
    9. Make sure 'Locational Damage.esp' is checked.
    10. Enjoy.


    Download the uninstall-file in the miscellaneous-section (needs at least v1.1.1).

    [size=+1.7]Known bugs/issues[/size]

    If you have issues with brawling check this out.

    Wierd critical hit appearance
    If you experience wierd critical hit appearance (e.g.: after loading a game, while you're not even in combat, ...) here's the explanation:
    The problem with the scripts of this mod is actually not how clean they are (they are very clean) but the latent function cast() I'm using to apply the effects on the target. Latent means that the script needs to wait for the effects to appear in the game, so in this case the script needs to wait for the spell to be casted and, what is the real problem, the script will be sent to the end of the "script queue" meaning that all other scripts currently wanting to run will run before the script will be resumed. And that is why sometimes everything is "released" by Papyrus at once which happens most of the time at a game load.
    If you cannot play because you instantly die due to the stacked up scripts try opening the console immediately and type "tim" (without quotes) to enable immortality mode, close the console and wait for the scripts to run out. Then simply type "tim" again in the console to disable immortality mode. You could also remove the scripts out of the Data/Scripts-folder, reload and save and add the scripts back to the folder to get rid of the stacked up scripts.


    This mod only adds new forms to the game, so it should be compatible with most mods.

    Other mods reported to work fine with Locational Damage: Deadly Combat, ACE, SkyRe.
    Other mods that may cause balance issues (you have to test yourself): Duel - Combat realism.
    Other mods that may cause issues with this mod: Player Headtracking.


    If you experience a bug not covered in the section above please leave a detailed bug report in the comment section. I cannot help you if you write "It doesn't work!". Follow this template in order to get help. Make sure you are as precise as possible. "Latest version" for example isn't precise.

    Skyrim version number:
    Mod version number:
    SKSE version number:
    If relevant, which SkyUI version do you have?:
    If relevant, which NPC tested you on?:
    If relevant, did that NPC have the 'KahmulLOCActorAbility'? (instructions below):
    Exact description of the problem:
    When did the problem first occur?:
    If it first occurred after updating did you update by using a clean save?:
    How often does the problem occur? Is it reproducible?:
    Do you use any other script heavy mods?:
    Any other information you may think would be helpful:

    How to check if the NPC has the 'KahmulLOCPlayerAbility':

    1. Open the console.
    2. Type: help Kahmul
    3. A list appears showing every form having 'Kahmul' in the name and its formID to the left of it. The formID of 'KahmulLOCPlayerAbility' is what we use next.
    4. Make sure the NPC is selected.
    5. Type: hasSpell FormID
    6. It either returns 1.00 indicating that the NPC has the ability or 0.00 indicating that he has it not.

    [size=+1.7]FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions[/size]

    Q: "Are "normal" critical hits from Skyrim disabled?"
    A: No, they aren't touched in any way by this mod.

    Q: "Does this mod work with every weapon?"
    A: Yes, it does.

    Q: "Does the AI of this mod conflict with other AI changes like those from Duel - Combat Realism?"
    A: No, because it doesn't edit the AI itself, the AI is integrated into the script and just determines which bodyzone is the best currently to hit for your enemies.

    Q: "Does this work with every creature, not only with Draugr? If not, will you include it sometime?"
    A: No, it does not work with every creature and I won't include that. The problem is that I would have to create a system for detecting the hit body part for EVERY creature out there and if I do it anyway Papyrus would pack up and your Savegame would be fucked in a short time.

    [size=+1.7]Recommended mods[/size]

    • iHUD: Really awesome mod, I can't imagine playing without it. Disabling the compass, the enemy health bar and the crosshair results in an much more immersive Skyrim. And a headshot without the crosshair is really satisfying. Highly recommended.


    Version 2.2

    • Optimization: Percentaged damage balanced.
    • Optimization: Magic balanced.
    • Optimization: Throat bleeding balanced; can now be stopped by drinking 2 heal potions.
    • Optimization: Other small adjustments.
    • New feature: New MCM pages and settings.
    • Feature change: Overhauled detection system.
    • Feature change: Greatly improved AI.
    • Fixed bug: Crossbows now work properly.
    • Fixed bug: "Headshot always instant-kill"-option fixed.
    • Fixed bug: Rare occasion fixed where players didn't get locational damage in their game at all.

    Version 2.1.1

    • Optimization: If shots to the head are enabled to be instant kills everytime this will occur faster now.
    • Fixed bug: Essential NPCs are not affected by Locational Damage anymore.
    • Fixed bug: Non-hostile spells like healing won't be able to crit anyone anymore.
    • Fixed bug: The player criticals now work again as they're supposed to.

    Version 2.0

    • Optimization: Many bugfixes, improvements and adjustments.
    • New feature: Stealth support.
    • New feature: Magic support.
    • New feature: Diversity.
    • New feature: MCM.
    • New feature: Scripted AI.
    • Feature change: Solar Plexus removed; Heart moved to its biological correct spot, is now part of the chest bodyzone
    • Feature change: Distance now has more impact on criticals.
    • New requirement: SkyUI, if you want to use the configuration menu

    Version 1.1.1

    • Optimization: Implementing uninstall process.
    • Feature change: The armor rating is now again calculated by the getArmorRating()-function of SKSE.

    Version 1.1

    • Optimization: More accurate and responsive script. ~ 150 lines of code were removed.
    • Optimization: Errors in the .log-files reduced.
    • Correction: Changed "Foots" to "Feet".
    • Feature change: Bodyzones "Right leg" and "Left leg" combined to bodyzone "Legs".
    • Feature change: Some calculation adjustments; more balanced headshots.
    • Feature change: The armor rating is now temporary calculated by the corresponding armor skill divided by a random value between 5 and 7 due to the broken getArmorRating()-function.

    Version 1.0b

    • Optimization: Much more cleaner, accurate and responsive script. It reacts up to 1 second faster compared to 0.71b! Nearly 300 unnecessary lines were removed and many slow functions were exchanged for faster functions.
    • Optimization: Much more accurate archery-detection. The script now knows where you shot your arrow and can even calculate the gravity affecting the arrow!
    • New feature: Percentaged damage with new multipliers for it in the config-file. If you don't want this feature, set them to 0; if you want e.g. instant-kills with every shot to the head, set the multiplier for the head very high. There are multipliers for melee and archery.
    • New feature: New effects, marked with "(NEW)" in the list above.
    • New feature: New config-setting "useUndeads".
    • Feature change: Bodyzones "Right foot" and "Left foot" combined to bodyzone "Feet".
    • Feature change: Removed block-features. They were useless and had nothing to do with locational damage.
    • New requirement: SKSE.
    • Fixed bug: Disabled criticals if target lays on the ground.
    • Fixed bug: Brawls are now playable if neither a weapon nor magic is equipped.


    You may not use anything of this mod or re-upload it without my explicit permission. Who wants to have the source codes needs to contact me first.


    - the SKSE-Team for making a really great addition to this game.
    - the SkyUI-Team for creating MCM.