KURESE Gloria armor conversion for UNP by NPR
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KURESE Gloria armor conversion for UNP Main body
by dimon99
ATTENTION: This is the SAME file,previously found in "DIMONIZED UNP
clothing resources". If you already got it from there-no need to download
it from here.No changes were made at all.
As much as I hate to have another mod page-this is a proper way IMO,since
Gloria is not exactly a "DIMONIZED clothing resource",hehe, and does not
need "adult" flag.
ATTENTION FOR MODDERS: I understand that my ESP is not all that good, making outfit craftable,upgradeable ect -would be a good thing. I,personally, do not have time for this,unfortunately. Go ahead and improve it. You can either up new ESP here -I will give access to you for mod page, or release it as standalone upgrade ESP. Either way is fine.
This is a conversion of one of my favorite Oblivion outfits,
created by probably my most favorite outfitter (along with Hentai) -
My first ever conversion for FO3 was from the same mod - but it was
Trish. Now it's Gloria time. Outfit is VERY complex and insanely hard to
refit. Anyone,who knows a bit about modelling will see it right away, just
looking at it in Nifskope. However, I could pull it off, was damn hard,but
in the end,it worth it for me. This one my girls gonna wear - not stash in
the chest :) I gave it AR of dragonscale,no idea if it enchants or
upgrades -but I used Daedric template. I simply do not have time for CK
fiddling. With craftable and all that.Maybe it is craftable -hell knows :)
Getting in the game:
Currently only thru console.
Type help Gloria 4 to get the codes.
Type player.additem {code} {number of items you want}
Page up Page down for scrolling those codes.
Arrow up arrow down for scrolling lines you inputed - so you don't have to
retype whole line again.
Google about general console usage/tutorial
Unzip> drop contents into Data folder. Or use NMM, should work.
I recommend to use ONLY KURESE Gloria FULL/FULL Black outfits.
Those provide the best performanse,least clipping and simply are the way it
was designed by KURESE.
Split parts are for advanced users ONLY, who know the drill -there WILL
be clipping and stuff.
There are no gloves, I had to cut Oblivion hands part,obviously.
White Gloria can be overly shiny under the sun, I'd prefer to keep things
original tho. Black one is a WIN,damn good :)
Gloria and Trish Armor for HGEC by NPR
Used with permission (3 years old one,hehe)
Contact the author for any usage permits.
bison1967 - the title image. Because it kicks some major Azz :)