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===>>> SABRE CAT GEAR <<<=== Mod Pack Extravaganza!!!

---> A mod set presented by DVAted <---
With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
TreasureChest(OG-Jay), LordOfWar, Targaryen, tumbajamba, asc_kel, Froda



This mod pack provides players a new armor and weapon set based on the model of the Sabre Cat animal in Skyrim.

Inspired by the Stormcloak's Officer Armor set, this mod uses vanilla assets to recreate an outfit suitable for those of you who like to stalk the prairies, woods and mountains of Tamriel in the skin of a sabre cat hunter.

The start of this mod ignited from the idea of modifying the bear helmet of the Stormcloak's Officer Armor set to have large teeth to guard the face and look bad-ass. That idea brought the image of the Sabre cat's teeth to mind, and then evolved to the idea of using the actual sabre cat's head like a hunter's trophy hat or helmet.
This mod(dest) request quickly materialized into 3 model candidates for the imagined part, but all versions were so cool that they simply had to be included together:

1. the Mane - modelled by OG-Jay and rigged+imported by LordOfWar - the largest model of the 3 variations, features a large mane-like hoodie going down on the shoulders, has straight/upwards ears and no lower-jaw.
2. the Predator - modeled, rigged and imported by LordOfWar - is the lighter version, but just as killer - and it features a thinner/shorter mane, as it doesn't cover the shoulders entirely, but the special thing about it is that its' ears are drawn back, as if in full attack mode. Also no lower-jaw.
3. the Hunter - modelled, rigged and imported by Targaryen - is tightly-fit around the neck, has straight up-wards ears, and features an awesome lower-jaw to it, to give off a full ninja mask/helmet vibe that most of you will like.

In our opinion they are all unique and amazing in their own way, and we urge you to try each one before deciding what your favorite is.
All helmets were custom fitted for each race (including Orc, Khajiit and Argonian) and gender (whichever you prefer to play with).


This mod pack also includes shields. There are 2 Shield versions:

1. Sabrecat Shield - Light version, based on the Windhelm guard's shield model, but instead of the painted emblem, there's now an encrusted metal sabre cat head emblem bolted on the shield's surface. This is due to a new model made by OG-Jay and textured by both him and DVAted.
2. Sabrecat Targe - Heavy version, inspired by the Targe of the Blooded shield model; it features spikes around the metal sabre cat head emblem, which are functional because they may cause a bleeding effect when power-bashing is used against any opponents. This is the only item that cannot be enchanted with an enchantment of your choice, but it can be upgraded at the workbench just like all the others.


This mod pack also includes a sword model.
Froda created a "dragonblade" sword using the head of the dragon priest staff for the handle and for the blade it took the model from the unique two-handed weapon "ebony blade". Based on his mod (which is compatible with this one and can be found and downloaded here: ) DVAted has conceived an idea for a specific sabre-themed sword - the Sabre Saber - and with the help of his friend OG-Jay, they've brought it to you. They've modified the dragon's head (the butt of the handle) into a sabre cat's head, complete with two awesome sabre-teeth. Afterwards, a scratch-modelled and textured hand-guard was added to the handle, and then, to make the blade special, they've widened it and sculpted the "blunt" side with a saw-teeth edge.
We thank Froda for permission to release our sword in this pack, and we hope you will enjoy it in your slashing adventures.

As of version 2.2 this mod pack also includes two BOW models and new arrows. There is a short bow and a long bow model. Both were rigged by tumbajamba from TreasureChest/OG-Jay's and DVAted's sabre cat head sword handle. The arrows are suppose to mimic sabre-teeth at the tip. They are all craftable in the Draugr forge section.


The main armor cuirass of this mod is a modified Stormcloak's Officer outfit - asc_kel (who has previously released similar Wolf Armor and Imperial light Armor mod packs) has shortened the skirt and added pants to the male version in his already trademarked style. He has given this model to DVAted with exclusive permission for this very mod pack.
The heavy female version, as well as the heavy boots and gauntlets for both sexes remain unchanged from the stormcloak officer versions, aside for the textures. The light versions are stripped of all the claws and teeth that decorated them.

Every armor piece (cuirass, boots, gauntlets and helmets) has 2 versions:
- Heavy (with teeth and claws, high stats but weighing more)
- Light (or "lite", without claws and teeth on the models; also lower stats but less weight)

Each of them come in 3 colors:
- brown (or orange as the vanilla sabre cat's fur)

- puma (a black variation for the friends of the shadows)

- snow (as the vanilla snow sabre cat's white fur)

All textures were composed and optimized by DVAted.

All armor and weapons can be crafted at the blacksmith forge and improved at their respective stations (workbench or grinding wheel).
The masks can be found in the Hide category, while the armors can be found in the "Studded" category, and the shields and sword in the Iron section of the forge.

Normal armor versions require normal sabre cat pelts, Snow versions require snow-sabre cat pelts, while Puma versions require a normal armor piece and charcoal sticks to color them.

Other crafting ingredients would be Sabre Cat Tooth, Sabre Cat Eye (for the helmets), dragon bone and dragon scales (for the weapons), leather strips, leather, iron, corundum, quicksilver and ebony ingots. You can find better specific lists ingame in the forge menu.

BE WARNED: You will have to hunt for a lot of sabre cats to get the ingredients needed for these armors - but by then you'll feel to have earned it :D

The stats of the armors and weapons are balanced and lore-friendly. The exact base values can be found ingame for each of them, but we assure you they are not weaker than iron gear, and yet not stronger than daedric gear.

That's pretty much it!

We hope you enjoy your new vocation as a sabre cat hunter!


Update History:
- NEW! v.2.2 - fixed the purple glow on some helmets, added 2 bows made by TumbaJamba and matching arrows, moved all weapons to "Draugr" forge section and the shields to "Studded". Uploaded mod on Steam Workshop.
- v.2.1 - fixed the skirt alpha channel issue shown in this picture taken by Kenonfix:
- v.2.0 - added completely new Light Armor set with aesthetically different models (check the picture section), different stats and different recipes (specifically no teeth required).
- v.1.1 - Update the texture for the black helmets. Added the "Matched Set" perk for all armor parts (with and without hat and shields)
- v.1.0a - added an alternative .esp that turns all armor pieces and helmets into light armor (the default were set to heavy). You need to download the main file for the .bsa archive. Use only one .esp!
- v.1.0 - Initial Release

Archive contents of the mod:


Ingame contents of the mod:

Sabre Cat Mane Hood
Sabre Snow Mane Hood
Sabre Puma Mane Hood

Sabre Cat Mane Hood Lite
Sabre Snow Mane Hood Lite
Sabre Puma Mane Hood Lite

Sabre Cat Predator Hood
Sabre Snow Predator Hood
Sabre Snow Predator Hood

Sabre Cat Predator Hood Lite
Sabre Snow Predator Hood Lite
Sabre Snow Predator Hood Lite

Sabre Cat Hunter Hood
Sabre Snow Hunter Hood
Sabre Puma Hunter Hood

Sabre Cat Hunter Hood Lite
Sabre Snow Hunter Hood Lite
Sabre Puma Hunter Hood Lite

Sabre Hunter Armor
Sabre Snow Armor
Sabre Puma Armor

Sabre Hunter Armor Lite
Sabre Snow Armor Lite
Sabre Puma Armor Lite

Sabre Hunter Bracers
Sabre Snow Bracers
Sabre Puma Bracers

Sabre Hunter Bracer Lite
Sabre Snow Bracers Lite
Sabre Puma Bracers Lite

Sabre Hunter Boots
Sabre Snow Boots
Sabre Puma Boots

Sabre Hunter Boots Lite
Sabre Snow Boots Lite
Sabre Puma Boots Lite

Sabre Cat Shield
Sabre Cat Targe
Sabre Saber

Sabre Long Bow
Sabre Short Bow
Arrow - Sabre


Optional Add-ons RELEASED:

=> Sabre Cat Gear Ancient Nord Armor Variations Add-on
Optional texture-pack for Black and Snow versions of the Ancient Nord Armor - 2 .esps - one compatible with the vanilla model and one compatible with Rahman530's improved model:
Compatibility .esp's with other variations of this armor may be created on demand.

=> Sabre Cat Gear BagPack Add-on
Optional Backpack Add-On - with 2 lore-friendly backpack models, each with their 3 color variations, with "fortify carry weight" enchantment of 50 (light version) and 100 (heavy version) pounds each. Models by OG-Jay (aka TreasureChest's Bag of Fur ) and TumbaJamba's accesories.

=> by Gin14x12
=> Japanese Translation:

Affiliate mods:
Also check out the Warchief Armor Mod by hothtrooper44 which uses assets from our mod. Check out his other mods as well.
For any users of Lorecraft v4.0+, ElementRoar has made a Lorecraft plugin for the Sabre Cat Gear Mod Pack here. Original download is naturally required.
Also, HellLizard created an Enemy Variety mod which adds around 2000 new NPCs among bandit, forsworn, vampire and mages ranks, some of which are wearing Sabre Cat Gear Armors

Future Plans:

=> Small related quests with unique set of armor and weapon, as well as a new boss sabre cat model.

=> Voice mod that replaces the melee power-attack screams with samples of roars, growls and snarls of real-life lions, tigers and cougars.

=> Perhaps a WereSabreCat Beast form for all Khajiit players, that will not replace other werewolves in the game but yourself. WereSabreCat Beast model provided by LordOfWar.

=> Possibly more weapons - dagger, war-axe, greatsword.

Stay tuned!


Read the README_SC_GEAR.txt file for more information.

Thanks to Brodual, DARKFIREGAMING and Memorablelol for video reviews on Youtube!