Northview Manor - An Island Estate by raven1979
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Added: 09/03/2012 - 07:46PM
Updated: 24/06/2012 - 05:10PM

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Last updated at 17:10, 24 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 19:46, 9 Mar 2012

Just uploaded Version 5 Updated, which just includes a couple of NPCs with time-lines that I added. This will be the last update as I am moving back to the UK from the States, and will be very busy for a while.

Feel free to take the island and make it your own and share it, I look forward to playing whatever comes out. Don't forget to credit me for whatever is left of the house in your mod :)

Paste a link to it here, as I'm sure the other fans of Northview Island would like to see it too. Thanks everyone who enjoyed this home and made the effort worthwhile.

Version 5 is out - See below the updates for a full description of the house.
>Horses now stable at the Manor stables when you travel to the island.
>Interiors added to the village.
>A secret passageway from the Manor Kitchen to the Tavern in the village.
>A basic Blacksmith (He works, He eats, He sleeps, better routine to follow)
Still to do: Add NPCs and more AI packages to the Blacksmith.

Version 4 is now out - With a complete overhaul of the exterior and a small village.
> Small fishing village of Northview.
> New walls (No longer Thalmor looking)
> Fixed an overlapping texture in the Armoury
> Fresh exterior Navmesh.
To do:
> Add village interiors
> Add NPCs

Any Issues, Comment or Suggestions as I work on this let me know :)

Updated to Version 3
The update fixes:
> The beds in the Guest House are now usable.
> Added an extention to the Armoury, this removes the middle Weapon Rack, take any
weapons off this if updating (see screenshot for location).
> Spaced the trees in the Garden a little better.

Updated to Version 2
The update fixes:
Cliffs and rocks that make up the island not showing.
The wall on the stairwell sometimes vanishing.
A few overlapping textures that I missed.

The Home Includes:

The Island - Large grounds with steps down to a small village. Chopping Block by the house.

Northview Village - Blacksmith, Tavern, General Store and more, all build on the rocks.

The Guest House - Complete with 5 beds and 5 non-respawning chests.

The Main House - All Storage is non-respawning and the house is fairly clutter free.
Bedroom - 3 Weapon Plaques, plus Wardrobes and Strongboxes
Walk-In Wardrobe - 5 Mannequins each with a cupboard underneith.
Lab - Alchemy and Enchanting Tables, 2 Mannequins, Scripted Bookcase, pleanty of Storage.
Workshop - All the Crafting amenities and labled storage for materials.
Library - 4 Scripted Bookcases, 16 Closed Bookcases, 1 Weapon Plaque.
Lounge - 2 Shield/Weapon Combo Plaques, 1 Weapon Plaque.
Basement Hall - 2 Mannequins, 2 Shield/Weapon Combo Plaques.
Kitchen - Cooking Pot, Hanging Herbs and pleanty of Storage.
Hall of Guards - 9 Mannequins (One for each Hold plus an extra) and Display Cases.
Armoury - 8 Mannequins, Mask Display, 14 Dagger Cases, 13 Weapon Plaques, 16 Shield Plaques, 21 Weapon Racks (each holding 5 weapons), Wardrobes and Chests.
Display Room - 15 Mannequins and Display Cases.

Known Bugs/Issues
The usual issues with Vanilla Mannequins, I solve this using the Mannequin fix by SLuckyD.

This is my first mod, so any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.