Drelas Cottage - A players House by Necrocytosis
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Added: 09/03/2012 - 07:37PM
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Last updated at 19:58, 9 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 19:37, 9 Mar 2012

This is a slim version of my Drelas Cottage - Fjollheimr mod.
In this mod, the house is called Drelas Cottage and not Fjollheimr like the other one.
Yes you can bring your spouse here with the whole dialogue option and all, but you must kill the owner of the house first or the option won't be available.

This house is part of vanilla skyrim, i only modified it to bring you another playerhouse.

- 1 Mannequin (no more no less)
- 1 Weapon Rack ( room for 3 weapons)
- 1 Weapon/shield plaque
- A cookingpot
- Some extra storage space
- Extra sit markers around the house so your spouse will sit on legdes or infront of the fireplace sometimes.
- Dynamic lights placed around both exterior and interior of the house and these are controlled by night/day cycles, just like my other mod.
- And you can bring your wife here.


There is no bugs, in the bedroom the spouse or follower might walk into the bed sometimes because the navmesh could not be moved around it, this mod have the unmodified vanilla navmesh.

the other mod i made is friendlier towards people who want everything served on a silver plate. This mod is simple, it gives you a little more things in the cottage, nothing more, nothing less.
Enjoi the house!


Put the DrelasCottage.esp and DrelasCottage.bsa into your datafolder
usually skyrim detects this and automaticly enables it, but it's good practice to always check the "data files" tab before you start the game to make sure it is enabled.
and done, enjoi!

make sure you have emptied any storage device in the house, taken down weapons and armors from mannequins etc
Remove the DrelasCottage.esp and DrelasCottage.bsa
and done.

You like a bigger version of the house? check out Fjollheimr another mod of this house.

Or maybe you would like a run down shack in the middle of nowhere and you have a taste for murder and the Dark brotherhood.

If you like the windhelm house Hjerim but struggle with the bug where blood and leftover from the murder quest persist check this out!