Better Imperial Legion by Carimya
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Added: 09/03/2012 - 07:11PM
Updated: 09/03/2012 - 07:37PM

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Last updated at 19:37, 9 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 19:11, 9 Mar 2012

ATTENTION: This mod isn't supported by me anymore. There won't be updates, nothing... I wanted to do a real overhaul for the imperial side, but It's not possible with only NPC Editor. I have the CK but it's not working on my computer and TESVSnip should cause problems, I heard.

First of all: I don´t think this could really be called a mod. I used two idiotproof programms to make it. Anybody could make this, but downloading this saves much time ;)

I´ll do the same for stormcloaks soon, so it gets balanced again.

Changes to Imperial Courier: Should now ALWAYS use the lightest imperial armor instead of changing between studded and light.
Changes to Imperial Legate: No bow and arrows and improved stats for heavy armor and one-handed
Changes to Imperial General: No bow and arrows and using General Tullius´ armor
Changes to Imperial Soldier: Wears heavy armor
Changes to imperial Archer: Does always wear studded armor and doesn´t use a shield anymore.
His light armor and archeryskills have been increased
Hadvar: He´s now wearing heavy armor from the beginning. He doesn´t wear a helmet, but I guess he will if you join the Legion after siding with him when escaping Helgen, because his inventory gets reset I gess.

new 1.1: General Tullius won´t use a bow now. I thought a General shouldn´t be an archer.

Oh and: If you have ideas, feel free to post them!

Note: This does not change the GUARDS! there´s another mod that does this.

I´ll keep improving this. I´m pretty sure I haven´t got all Soldiers I wanted to edit. I´ll need to test around a bit.

Programms used:
Skyrim NPC Editor to edit the NPCs
TESVSnip to make it ONE esp