Ornate Stormcloak Officer Armor Texture - Resource by Phil by PhilSchmidheiny
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Added: 09/03/2012 - 02:58PM
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Ornate Stormcloak Officer Armor Texture Resource


This is a texture resource of the sormcloak officer armor to give it a more noble look.
The textures will be featured in my Total Conversion in the distant future and I thought other modders could use them for their own mods.

NOTE: This is a resource, meaning that this file does not add anything to the game!

If you want the armor to replace the vanilla armor just remove the "02"-suffix on every texture.

Do whatever you like with the texture but please credit me.


Ornate texture of the following items:

-Stormcloak Officer Cuirass 2x (-02: normal claws, -03: ornate claws
-Stormcloak Officer Gauntlets 2x (-02: normal claws, -03: ornate claws)
-stormcloak Officer Boots 2x (-02: normal, -dark: darker ornate)

The helmet was not retextured because there weren't parts to retexture, use the original helmet instead.

both female and male versions of the armor are included.

Texture size

4k (Cuirass)
1k (Gauntlets & Boots)

All textures have the same size as the Bethesda HiRes TexturePack.