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Hi all! This mod aims to make cooking and gathering food and drinks more enjoyable and worth it. As it is in vanilla Skyrim, there is absolutely no point in food and cooking, even if you are at low levels.
That's why i decided to change things a bit. With few exceptions, i tried to keep the original names of the food, drinks and meals, but i changed their properties. For example, it is now not so easy to make a Venison Stew, because it requires much more food and ingredients to make, but once you gather them and make one, it will have a strong effect that will actually be usefull. Because in later levels even potions fo restoring for example 50 health are not that strong, you need several of them to heal completely.
I have also added a few new mixtures that were not in the game, they will also have strong effects, but will be more difficult to make. There will be one super meal that has great effects, but will be the most difficult to make. I won't tell you what it is, you have to see for yourself!
Another change is putting negative effects on some of the basic food - for example raw meat. If you eat raw venison meat or raw beaf, you will no longer restore health, but losing it along with other things, so always cook!!! :) Simple food like apples or vegetables etc. are not changed. Most of the changed stuff is the food that has to be cooked (cooked meat, stew etc.).
There will also be a mixture for the drinks, so you'll want to gather drinks too, to later mix them in usefull drink.
The weight of the food and drinks is also changed.
So that's basically it, in future maybe i'll be making more stuff to cook, but just mixing up existent food, not adding new basic food.
Skooma is not changed here, because i use another mod that changes Skooma.
I also added a possibility to make Cure Poison potion, because as i know you can't make it at the alchemy table, so now you cook it!!

Install the mod with the NMM or just put the esp file in the Data folder of your Skyrim directory manually.

Have fun with the mod, rate, comment, make suggestions etc.!

NOTE: I understand that the last tier food has some very strong effects, but thats partly the point of the whole thing. Plus, the effects may be strong but the food is not so easy to make, some of the stuff need is not found everywhere. And thats the point of the mod, to stop ignoring food, gather different basic food, ingredients too and make meals with nice effects.

1.00 - original version
1.01 - small fix
1.02 - major fixes on some of the foods, as previous effects were wrong.
1.03 - I made some balancing of some of the meals, removed the cooked Salmon recipe and reduced the properties of the Salmon steak (the Salmon steak is too common and easily found in the game, so it would be rather easy if it had strong effects). Added Salmon Stew recipe, Ghost Drink recipe and Honey recipe (i realised that honey was virtually non-existant in the game, there are only 2 samples i think, so i added a recipe for it).
1.04 - small fixes, Ghost Drink changed, added new drink - Vampire's Blood (it makes you a vampire, watch out cause there is no cure yet, besides the known in the game).
1.1 - Major update, added new drinks and meals, added new version of Skooma (Skyrim Skooma)
1.11 - Added new drink - Drink of the Wolf - which turns you into werewolf for a limited time. The drink works even if you are not werewolf, so you can play as vampire instead and become werewolf for a short time when you drink the potion (I tested the drink when i was NOT a werewolf and it works, but i haven't tested it on a vampire, but i think it will also work. If someone tests it on a vampire pls let me know, so i can confirm it here).
1.2 - Reduced the weight of a lot of stuff including food, ingrediants, potions and other collectible objects.
1.2.1 - More reduced weights (amulets, rings, firewood and other stuff)


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