Assassins Daggers by vman424
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Hi Everyone.

This is my first attempt at creating a mod. I've stayed fairly vanilla, although I added brightness texture for the steel daggers.
I created this mod for several reasons, namely:

1. To see if I could
2. To learn a little about the Creation Kit, and weapon recipes, temper, etc
3. To add unique recipe that encourages mining, harvesting, and other game elements
4. I'm currently playing an Assassin archetype, and wanted some custom steel crafted weapons
5. I wanted to be able to use the 'Elemental Fury' Shout with the weapons
6. I thought it nicely macabre (and somewhat daedric) to have an assassin weapon requiring a human heart to make
7. I didn't want to go too OP with the weapon, but I wanted Steel (none of your fancy elven/ebony... stuff...)
8. I wanted to use the 'Blade of Woe' mesh, it looks like an assassin weapon
9. I wanted to save my perk points, and only put 2 points into smithing - period (see notes)
10. Added a touch of silver to give the undead/werefolk something to think about =D


1. The pictures were taken with a character who has some One-hand Damage Perks, so the daggers don't show their base damage.
2. I added a minimum level cap of 40 to the recipe/temper on the 'Assassins Dagger' ('Blade of Woe' mesh)
3. I added a 'Arcane Blacksmith' Perk requirement to the recipe/temper on the 'Assassins Dagger' ('Blade of Woe' mesh)
4. I added a 'Steel Smithing' Perk requirement to the recipe/temper on both daggers
5. So daggers won't appear in the Smithing section of the forge until you meet ALL the requirements
6. I recommend using the 'Humans drop Human Parts' mod for collecting human hearts for the recipe
7. Both daggers CANNOT be enchanted - because 'Elemental Fury' doesn't work on enchanted weapons
8. Corundum is a natural crystal of aluminium (moh scale hardness = 8/ diamond = 9), so it really is light and strong

I hope you enjoy my little mod. Let me know what you think - please be kind, like I said this is my first mod (too much negative feedback may ensure it is also my last).


PS If you like it please endorse