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Author's Note
I won't be updating this for a while. I have too many things to take care off in real life and I can't even find the time to play Skyrim or World of Warcraft anymore. I'll post a note if I plan to discontinue this and allow anyone to pickup where I left off.

I've been browsing through all the FXAA PPI Presets the other day and I found none to my liking.
I decided to set up my own preset. I thought of sharing this with the Nexus Community.

This contains 2 presets, Light and Medieval.
Medieval is a more dark preset while Light is more saturated and brighter.

Install FXAA Post Process Injector 2.1 by some_dude: FXAA Post Process Injector
Once FXAA is installed, navigate to your Skyrim folder
Go to the folder named injFX_Shaders
Copy the UserSettings.h from the .zip file you downloaded
Paste it in the injFX_Shaders folder(Don't place it in Data)
Replace the old UserSettings.h
Open up FXAATool.exe
Close it
Run Skyrim

Add me up on Steam! reconravage/-hg- Serendipity.
v. 0.3: Edited Light Preset(Yet again..). Removed Sepia for Light.
v. 0.2: Changed Light Preset. It was hard to see in dungeons.
v. 0.1: Released!

Known Issues:
After Alt-Tabbing a few times, sometimes some of the items in the world go black and the screen looks really weird with the presets turned on. Unfortunately, this bug exists in vanilla Skyrim so until Bethesda releases a fix, I can't do anything about it.

Tell me what you think of it, constructive criticism is always appreciated. You can reach me through PM's here or on Steam. I would REALLY appreciate it if you help me out and teach me with this(My first time fiddling with anything in a game)
You're free to upload this onto other sites but be sure to give credit where it's due. And remember, I WILL FIND YOU IF YOU DON'T :)

Please endorse if you like the presets.