MECRs Mythic Dawn Commentaries are Skill Books by MECR
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MECR's Mythic Dawn Commentaries are Skill Books

A mod for TES V - Skyrim

Current Version: V. 1.00
Compatible with: Skyrim (not tested with older versions)

About this Mod

Just a quick fix I made. The Mythic Dawn Commentaries Vol. 1 to 4 are now Skill Books like they
were in Oblivon.

Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 - Conjuration
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2 - Destruction
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3 - Illusion
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4 - Alteration (In Oblivion it was Mysticism, but that school of magic
is not present in Skyrim)

I also changed their value with regard to their assumed rarity.

Version History - what this mod does so far (V. 1.00)
V. 1.00 (Probably the final release)
Significantly raised the difficulty to acquire all four volumes.
V. 0.90 (Initial release)
Changed the books as stated above.

Known issues
None that I'm aware of.

Probably any other mod that changes these books, and/or the Dawnstar Museum.

Installation & Uninstallation
Use the Nexus Mod Manager.

Plans for the future
Maybe I'll be adding a Quest to acquire Volume 4. Maybe not.

About bugfixing and updating
Please post any bugs or ideas in the comment section. As with any other mod, this is not
guaranteed to work with whatever setup you have. Always make a back-up savegame before you
activate any mods.
I've a full-time job. Playing and modding Skyrim is only one of my hobbies. I can't say how
regularly I will update this. There will be times when I'm not able to answer to comments or
personal messages in a timely manner. Please understand and respect that.


As long as you credit me, you may freely translate this or adapt and reuse it in your own mods.
Please send me a message, so that I might know what's happening with my mod.
You are under NO circumstances allowed to upload this mod, any of your mods based on this mod
or any mod translations to any other site than the Skyrim Nexus or the TES Alliance, especially
not to Steam.