Fortify Potion Time Extended - Water Stepping by Papaya_freak
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Added: 08/03/2012 - 10:32PM
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Fortify Potion Time Extended


This mod changes the magic effect of all fortify potions to adjust duration based on alchemy skill. It also reduces all ingrediant durations for fortify effects to 30.

At alchemy lvl 21 the duration will be around 133sec and at alchemy lvl 117 the duration will be 1027. These numbers are of course subject to outside influence (enchanted gears etc..)

This mod also adds a new potion, water step, that can be created combining nirnroot and river betty. True waterwalking doesn't seem possible right now so all you can really do with this is jump along the surface of the water.


Any mod that increases/decreases the base duration for the fortify ingredient effects will affect your potions. Also, any mod that adds new ingredients with fortify effects at any other duration than 30 will possibly result in duplicate alchemy menu options.
If you require a patch for any such mod please do make a request and i will try to do it as soon as possible.

Current Patches:

Custom ingredients from Tytanis v1.02 .


1.01 - fixed a typo. no biggie!

Load Order

For best compatability, load this mod after any other mod that changes ingredients followed by the patches.