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Is it not odd that you can sleep anywhere for 12 hours and not once be attacked or assaulted? And that you can fast travel through tons of hazards with not even a mosquito bite? Or Wait in a dungeon 24 hours with no problems? Or walk mile after mile without even a blister?

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Welcome to the dark reaches of the Nexus traveler.  Please, read the below notice.



We proudly introduce you, traveler, to the next generation of the Sands of Time!  This mod has seen much in the way of both praise and criticisms alike.  We have swam in the shadows of darkness and scorched our skins while touching the sun.  We wish to inform everyone, that throughout the years, this mod has been rebirthed through a multitude of evolutions and has matured into its prime.  The latter versions of the mod (starting with 14.0) have been stripped, streamlined and optimized to the fullest--previous concerns have been answered and quelled.  It now uses its own in-house virtual scripting system to ensure better compatibility with other script heavy mods (ie. Frostfall), the MCM has had a complete makeover along with FISS support being added as a bonus, and error-traps have been established for those players that may be a little too adventurous.  The mod is as solid as a virtual rock and remains stable even under stressful conditions. Now is a better time than any to permit us to forge for you new nightmares.  Behold thy terrors and rejoice for the unknown which lies within.

Requires: Dawnguard, Dragonborn, SKSE, and SkyUI,
as well as the latest USLEEP USKP Patch.
Official Addons: Genesis, Dead is Dead, Follow Me, Temper Recipes
Proudly works with: FISS
It is highly recommended to start a new game.

The demons eat my soul and tear into my skin, the way I have lived gave them power through my sin. I look to the heavens and pray for forgiveness from the Divine, while the demons devour my flesh and drink my blood... like wine.

Welcome to the. . .


                Video Review by Brodual                                                     Featured on GEMS                                        Listed in Weekly Top 5 Mods

         Reviewed by Bloody Good Games                                Placed 4th in Nexus Top 5 of the Month                    Member of Forever Free Movement
                                                                                                    (June 2014 -- Thanks to all who voted!)


"I question sometimes if you are even real; when I look around in this world, pain, suffering, and sadness is all I feel.”

 At its core "Ultimate Deadly Encounters: Sands of Time” ("SoT”) is an immersion mod that adds a consistent element of danger around every corner.
If you have played through Skyrim and found as a whole it is somewhat lacking in an element that makes the genre stand
out—random events—then you may quickly become an admirer of SoT!

     If you are a fan of the D&D style video game encounters (think Baldur's Gate) then know that SoT was inspired greatly by those past legends.
Installing SoT will break away the hand-holding that has become so popular it seems in the genre, and re-introduce true hardcore style RPG encounters.

     Think of this mod as the "event card” that makes playing RPGs so unique and exciting.
While playing with SoT installed, you can expect constant randomized encounters during:

* Your leisurely walk through the woods to grand mother’s house.
* The epic dungeon crawl that is the old-school fundamental mechanic of RPGs.
* Counting sheep wherever your nomadic tendencies has lead you to lie down.
* Standing around twiddling your thumbs while you wait and listen to the next good-for-nothing commoner’s sad story about whatever it is they complain about.

     That’s just to name a few. The mod offers so much more, and we beseech you to traverse through the Sands of Time to
engage in an experience that will reap further understanding of the journey you are about to embark on.

"Engulfed with violence, bitterness, and endless hate; depression fills me as I realize our fate.”

hat exactly is this mod? It is an immersive experience from cradle to grave. (The immersion begins with our unique website which details the features of SoT and from there, once the mod is installed, it will grant lore-friendly and immersive-dangerous encounters unlike any other mod you have had in your game.)

    The mod includes many features and can be tailored 100% to your play style.  If you prefer rare but incredibly tough challenges, we got you covered. 
If you desire frequent, but week skirmishes, your desires can be fulfilled.  If you prefer rare and weak additional spawns easy to pick off to make you feel like you are actually good at anything, you can obtain them.  If you want constant and incredibly difficult battles because you feel that you deserve the punishment--you have issues, but it's possible none-the-less. 

     The mod has also been programmed to introduce your beginning characters to the harsher environments slowly.  This makes it easier to adjust to the conditions. The mod comes with a "graduation level" (that is also adjustable) and will prevent any type of nasty spawns from appearing before your
character reaches it.  After graduation, we no longer hold back what we throw at you.

Before continuing on, we highly recommend that you visit our website.  Our website was designed to entertain and inform at the same time.  You'll get a much better idea of what the mod does and how we intend for it to affect you.  However, we know that there are some of you, that would prefer to deprive yourself of the opportunity and gain only a glance at what this mod has to offer.  For that, we have supplied the below information.

(NOTE:  The various links below will take you to the corresponding pages within the site.  However, the site itself was designed to bury you in immersion from the entry point.  Clicking those links and skipping ahead will indeed break the experience.)

"This I feel, proves the fact that the devil exists must be true; and if he exists, then you do too.”

     Here is a summary of features and encounter types that you can expect during game-play:

Primary benefits:

     -Dynamic and surprise encounters during dungeon crawls
     -Dynamic and surprise encounters while walking upon the surface
     -Surprise ambushes while Fast Traveling
     -Surprise ambushes while waiting (using the "Wait" menu)
     -Surprise ambushes during battles (enemy reinforcements)

     -Enhanced Population in Dungeons, Forts, Ruins, Caves
           This particular feature includes both pre-placed spawns which includes programmed "scenes" to spice thing up a  bit, as well as dynamically/randomly generated additional populace to ensure that each one of your play-throughs are unique and original.  You'll never know exactly what you are going to face.

     -Surprise "punishment" ambushes while looting shrines (don't make the gods mad)

Secondary benefits:

     -Many new types of monsters
     -Specialized new enemies (vampire hunters, werewolf hunters, etc.)
     -New bosses
     -New mini-bosses
     -Advanced Doppelganger Assassins in both wilderness and towns (keeps you on your toes)
     -A fully functional non-game-breaking and lore-friendly apocalypse
     -RPG friendly "event" style encounters (IE. Damsels in distress, traveling merchants, healers, etc.)
     -Consequences from your actions (try being a bully now)
     -Random unleveled enemies
     -New and unique weapons and armors

Extras included:

     -Lore-friendly and engaging back stories to many of the characters and enemies that SoT introduces
     -An in-depth MCM to customize everything just how you want (every aspect of the mod is adjustable/can be disabled right down to whether the
stronger weapons that come with the mod are collectable or not)

"But why then create a people destined to implode?  But then again, with the gift of free will, how could you have known?”


     1) Backup your save game -- The only REAL way to uninstall a mod--any mod--is to revert to a previous save before the mod was loaded

     2) It is essential to ensure your game is optimized before adding in ANY sort of mod that adds encounters (especially random/dynamic ones)

     3) Download and install using your favorite mod manager.  Mod Organizer will oftenm have an issue because the name of this mod is so long and  
         windows limit of 255 characters.  You will have to shorten the name / path it uses.

     4) Activate the ESM and ESP file and play!


Players not using HDT Physics need to use the XPMS Skeleton 1.95.

Players using HDT Physics need to use the XPMSE Skeleton 3.77 (or newer).

Anyone using old hardware or a slow computer should not use HDT Physics (based
on your load order it doesn't appear that you are) and should stick
with XPMS Skeleton 1.95.

These skeletons are heavily tested and widely supported. The Skulltyrant and other skeletons are out dated and
no longer supported.


Uninstall is not possible without starting a new game. This is true of most scripted mods, and amplified by breadth and width of this mod.

Load Order:

    The popular mod organizers stick our mod up high on the list, due to the vast amount of changes our mod makes, we suggest sticking it near the bottom of your load order to clarify i have 160 .esp's and sot is at 145 with my armor mods and patches at 146 to 160..


     Compatible mods:
          The mod is compatible with virtually every mod out there.  In fact, it will work alongside other mods that adds enemy NPCs seamlessly. 

          The primary issue is resources and to not "over mod".  This is a highly scripted mod, and it is recommended by the best in the community to only run a few highly scripted mods at a time. We have done our part by incorporating a virtual scripting system, and other authors are doing their part by optimizing their code as well, so in theory you should be able to run multiple scripted mods at once without any issues.  But, you have a major part to play yourself.  Don't go over bored with scripted mods and tone down the settings for the more mods you add. 

          The key is to maintain an optimized game and we have put together a fantastic guide for you to follow.

     It is suggested that you use a TES5EDITMERGED patch as well as a Bashed patch for optimal performance

Tesveditmerged and a bashed patch for leveled lists Optimization guide here
optimization guide 

For tevmerged tutorial here
tevmerged by gamerpoets

For giving you a idea on what to look for for conflicts in tesv here
 picture tutorial

All the software links you need is in our optimization page
optimization software

     Incompatible mods:
          Dead Body Collision Fix -- This will unhide our "spirits" (which produce random spawns and) that are normally undetectable.

          Fire & Ice Overhaul -- As a bunch of pyromaniacs, we love this mod--it's absolutely amazing, but it is too script intensive to play nice with other script intensive mods.

          Sands of Time: Sleeping Encounters -- There is no need to use this standalone feature if you are already using SoT.

          For a further list of compatible and incompatible mods (as well as recommended settings for such mods), please visit our compatibility page on our site.

{The SoT Family}

   Our Primary Mod:   The Sands of Time - Ultimate Deadly Encounters

   Standalone Mods:   Sands of Time: Sleeping Encounters
                                Sands of Time: Fast Travel Consequences
                                Genesis - Dynamically Increased Enemy Spawns and Loot
                                Dead is Dead - Death Lasts Forever
                                Eternal Darkness
                                Nocturnal (an ENB preset)

   SoTimized Mods:   SOT Hardcore Encumbrance
                               WatchTowers Reborn (fueled by Genesis)
                               Populated - Forts Towers Places - Legendary Edition
                               Populated - Lands Roads Paths - Legendary Edition

"For you and the devil to indeed exist would prove that your Word is true; if that is the case, then we must choose our allegiance to either him or you.
Each passing day brings us closer to eternity; will I choose to succumb to death everlasting, or rejoice in your company?
There is no cheating, the choice is ultimately mine; I should choose soon, for eventually the last grain must fall in the Sands of Time."

If you find yourself wanting to know more about this mod and what it does/add, you'll need to sacrifice and submit yourself to our website.
There, all answers will be given.

Once you feel you are ready, click the image below to enter our website.

For those not capable of understanding that you must click the image above to enter our site, we have supplied this special person's link:

[Clicking either the graphic or the link will take you to an external website.]


Clicking on the image below will take you to our subsite (different destination from the main link above) which will allow you
to enter the Anthology.

(Please Note:  The Anthology is only open for viewing between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am.)

Good luck. . .

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