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-Author Update 16-Mar-2013-

So I've been on a long hiatus that will likely continue, I just don't have the time I used to have to work on this mod. I'm back today because I've been getting the occasional request for permission to use these armors in other mods. Please, use them without feeling the need to ask me about it first, just add a little note somewhere hidden in your description where the armor originally came from. Thanks and enjoy!

Inspired by the Heroic Imperial Armor in Rahman530's Lore Friendly Armor Pack I decided to try my hand at modding and make an equivalent, standalone Heroic Stormcloak Armor.


This is a heavy armor only. In order to make the armor viable endgame (it is for Stormcloak heroes after all), I gave it almost equivalent stats to ebony armor, though I decreased the weight since only 1 ebony ingot is used in creation.

-How to get Heroic Stormcloak Armor-

Requires Steel Smithing Perk and joining the Stormcloaks in the Civil War
(if someone can give me the CK quest ID for the point in the war where the Stormcloak Officer Armor is awarded, I will update the requirements to that point to make it more lore friendly)

type: help heroic 4
it will show you the item IDs for all pieces of the armor
then type: player.additem XXXXXXXX 1


Install via the ever useful Nexus Mod Manager


Drop extracted Data folder into Skyrim directory


Delete HeroicStorm.esp file from Data folder and delete "stormcloakhero" folders from meshes and textures folders

-Potential Bugs-

Occasionally when I load up a savegame the female cuirass will be partially transparent at certain distances. I have no idea why this happens and restarting Skyrim has fixed the issue for me every time.

I realize the ground image for the cuirass leaves something to be desired, but it was the best I could do without completely remaking the mesh in a 3D modelling program for which I have zero skill.

-Coming Soon-

Updates coming pending permission from other authors
-HD Chainmail Version


PhilSchmidheiny - for his ornate texture sources: Ornate Stormcloak Officer Armor and Ornate Steel Plate Armor
rahman530 - for inspiration and the cannibalization of his alpha property in the .nif file
NifSkope team

-Tutorials Used-

Making New Armor Using NifSkope
NifSkope/Change texture
Creating an armour for Skyrim
How To Make NewArmors with the Creation Kit

Making new armors through mash-ups in NifSkope is surprisingly easy and only requires patience and ingenuity, give it a shot!

Any suggestions, advice, bug reports, etc. are always welcome. Please endorse if you like the armor!

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