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------------------------------Boogeymans Lair------------------------------------

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I know I have miss spelt boogeyman boogyman you cant blame me I am uploading this at 4am so I am rather tired so excuse my mistake ahaha. This is my first player home ever created for any game so constructive criticism is welcome. I play a evil character like many of you surely would too and found little in the housing department to accommodate such a player.
Obviously anyone can use this home but it was aimed and themed to of course accommodate a evil themed character.

I have painstaking fiddled around with the ai packages for the torture victims but to no result got them to stay in there shackles when they were hit with a weapon fist etc. So what use would they be to the player and what would they get out of killing them? To reward the player for keeping them or killing them is basically a win win situation.

It is up to you who you kill for the weapon racks behind them or who to leave hanging on the wall, they are all set in there underwear and the females are set to 55 80 and 0 body weight for you players with nude mods out there. Anyway this is the perfect home for any thief vampire or assassin! /sadist hahha

sorry for the wall of text...haha


4 Slaves to torture!


Coffin Bed(great for vampire characters!)

7 Trap doors that will take you to Solitude.WindHelm**Whiterun**Riften**Markarth**Dawnstar Dark brotherhood Sanctuary**Falkreath Dark BrotherHood Sanctuary**

16 weapon racks!

Follower and Wife friendly!

Tons of clutter!



Drag or copy and paste BoogyManLair.esm and VFU_home.esp into your date folder in your skyrim directory. When organizing them in the load order in the mod manager make sure the BoogyManLair.esm is loaded before the VFU_home.esp

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two kettles spawn for some odd reason in the torture room

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