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Last updated at 19:04, 7 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 19:02, 7 Mar 2012

Ornate Steel Plate Armor Texture Resource

The textures are now implemented in the game!

Check out my mod "Phils Textures Standalone" where I put my texture resources into the game.

Phils Textures Standalone


This is a texture resource of the steel plate armor to give it a more noble look.
The textures will be featured in my Total Conversion in the distant future and I thought other modders could use them for their own mods.

NOTE: This is a resource, meaning that this file does not add anything to the game!

If you want the armor to replace the vanilla armor just remove the "02"-suffix on every texture.

Do whatever you like with the texture but please credit me.


Ornate texture of the following items:

-Steel Plate Cuirass
-Steel Plate Gauntlets
-Steel Plate Boots
-Steel Plate Helmet

both female and male versions of the armor are included.

Texture size

2k (Cuirass)
1k (Gauntlets, Helmet & Boots)

All textures have the same size as the Bethesda HiRes TexturePack.