God of War - Blades of Chaos and Athena by volvaga0
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Added: 07/03/2012 - 03:03AM
Updated: 15/08/2013 - 07:48PM

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Last updated at 19:48, 15 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 3:03, 7 Mar 2012

This mod adds craftable 'Blades of Chaos' and the 'Blades of Athena' to the game of Skyrim
(Now in Sword and Dagger forms as of v1.5)

- v1.2 -

You can craft the Blades using any Forge under the 'Daedric' section.

To craft the 'Blades of Chaos (2)' or 'Blades of Athena (2)', you will need:
  • 1 Daedra Heart
  • 2 Fire Salts
  • 1 Spell Tome: Fire Rune

  • Download with Nexus Mod Manager and make sure its checked under the Mods tab.
  • Or download manualy and extract to your \Data folder in your Skyrim directory. Then make sure the 'Blades_of_Chaos.esp' file is active in the Data section of your SkyrimLauncher.exe.

- Made blades slightly smaller as felt they was TOO big after last update
- Added 'Dagger' versions of both blade versions
- Added optional files to remove the scabbard from the player character

- Made blades larger
- Fixed clipping issues with the blood mesh

- Made both blades compatible in one .esp
- Can weild both blades simultaneously

- Added 'Blades of Athena' version (re-texture - check mod images)
- Name in-game displays correctly if you have chosen the 'Blades of Athena' version

- Added fire particle effects to the blade
- Blade now glows
- Changed smithing recipe

- Added On-hit Fire effects
- Added glow map
- Lightened blade colour
- Added Critical Kill flame effect

- Initial release
- Adds craftable 'Blades of Chaos' to the game

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