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WARNING Back up your saves, just in case.

A player owned cliff and cave. The Sanctuary is large and has several rooms including...
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Blacksmith (internal and external)
  • Alchemy (internal and external)
  • Enchanting (internal and external)
  • Display Room
  • Bar with Bartender
  • Fence
  • Wildlife
  • Several NPC's
  • NEW Signs

The cliff is directly south of Whiterun past Pelagia Farm. You have to climb a ladder to reach the cliff which is lit by a lamp. If you have trouble finding it you can use the ` and coc wyverncliff to be sent there.

I have had a lot of fun making this, it is my second attempt as the first didn't turn out quite right. I will not give too much away here but you should explore. It is not a small player home it is actually huge. Plenty of storage and places to see with your own friendly barkeeper and fence to boot. What more could you ask for?

Some one asked so I provided. There is now Shared Storage which means if you put something in a chest in Breezehome it will be in the Shared Storage chest in Proudspire Manor and in all of the other player home locations listed below, at the same time!
  • Breezehome* (To the left of your front door, in the Living Room)
  • Honeyside* (On the bookshelf, in the Bedroom)
  • Vlindrel Hall* (To the left of the door in the Hallway)
  • Hjerim* (To the right of the front door, in the Living Room)
  • Proudspire Manor* (Left of the front door, on a shelf in the Living Room)
  • Archmage Quarters (To the left of the tree, on a barrel)
  • Hall of Attainment (In room with your bed on a barrel)
  • Thieves Guild Headquarters (On left after the Flaggon entrance, on a top shelf)
  • Jorrvaskr Basement (In bedroom area, behind the door)
  • Dawnstar Sanctuary (In bedroom, on the shelf by the bed)
  • Wyvern Cliff (By the Blacksmithing area, on a crate)
  • Wyvern Sanctuary Living Area (By the library, on a shelf)
  • Wyvern Sanctuary Blacksmith (Left of the entrance, on a crate)
  • Wyvern Sanctuary Enchanting (Right of the enchanting table)
  • Wyvern Sanctuary Alchemy (Right of the Alchemy table, on the shelf)

*note- All of the player home locations will not appear until you have purchased the equivalent decorating areas.

1. Use NMM to install. Choose only one version. Should automatically activate once installed.
2. Manually install in Skyrim/Data folder. Activate esp in a mod loader.

Remove your possessions from bookshelves, containers, mannequin's and display cases then save outside of the cell.
1. Use NMM
2. Delete the .esp files from your Skyrim/Data folder.

Known Issues or Bugs
  • Companions will not follow you up the ladder to the cliff. This is a known bug. Just Wait an hour.
  • The mannequin's like to wander around when you are not looking, just leave the cave and come back in.

Version History
  • Added signs to a few areas as the cave is so large
  • Added a few more FX
  • Made a few dark areas light up a bit
  • A few small fixes

  • Added wildlife, all friendly (well they won't attack)
  • Several new NPC's to keep you company
  • Fixed the roombounds for the slower computers
  • Improved Katya's bar so the new NPC's have somewhere to eat
  • Fixed a few more NavMesh issues

  • Fixed Krosis Bust not displaying mask
  • More book storage (18 books per container)

  • Added Shared Storage (read above for details)

  • Completed Cliff
  • Competed Sanctuary
  • Tested Navmesh
  • Bartender Katya
  • Fence Karawan
  • Tested all Display cases and Mannequins
  • Pages and pages of bugs I personally found

I have spent roughly 9 full days on this but I'm afraid I am too close to the project to notice every problem so if there is any bug or issue do comment and I will try and fix it as soon as possible.

Also, let me know in comments if you find the hidden area. Just wondering if anyone actually has. I did put a picture as a kinda hint!

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