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A new Quest and the opportunity to get your own ship you can use as home and travel between Solitude, Dawnstar Winterhold and Windhelm! Can you find the legacy of Snorri Frostfeather, the former captain of the Grytewake who is now burried deep inside some Nordic ruins?

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish

Author: wallice
Category: Quest & Player home
Language: English/German / Italian translation link

There are rumors about a magic ship that people saw in the northern seas of Skyrim. It belonged to Snorri Frostfeather a long time ago but since he died the ship is still seen at times even without his master. Now a scholar has shown up in the 'Winking Skeever' tavern with a plan to make this ship his own. Maybe you want to go into this tavern to look for some clues about his fate, maybe you'll just explore and find the ship on your own, whatever you do, it's not going to be easy.

You can start the quest in to ways:
  • Find the book of the scholar in "The Winking Skeever"
  • Find the quest-related ruines on your own while exploring, the quest will start once you are inside deep enough

A new quest complete with a new 2-level interior made from scratch
  • companion friendly and optimized, complete with traps, enemies, treasure and boss

The questreward is a ship that can be used as home, on board you'll find
  • a magic map that brings your ship to 4 places: Solitude, Dawnstar, Winterhold and Windhelm
  • rooms for alchemy, enchanting, smithing, cooking
  • storage for all items you find
  • 50+ weapon racks and place for 500+ books
  • display your Dragon Priest Masks and Dragon Claws + a reward If you can collect most of them
  • an special follower that also acts as merchant
  • a shrine of Zenithar to raise your profits
  • a small garden with some plants
  • a wood chopping block the hero can use a long time without stopping
  • a henhouse with 3 chicken (don't kill them if you want to find your daily egg in the hay)

  • extract everything (the 'Grytewake.esm', 'Grytewake.esp' and the 'Grytewake.bsa') into your \steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data Folder
  • activate the Grytewake. esm and Grytewake.esp with your favorite launcher, make sure that the *.esp is loaded after the *.esm

  • delete the Grytewke.esm, Grytewake.esp and Grytewake.bsa from your \steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data Folder
  • don't forget to throw all your items overboard :-)

  • Update for Skyrim 1.5.26, exterior navmeshes are included again, Grytewake works now without issues for followers and thanks the update of Bethesda also without crashes

Version 1.04
  • Fixed Crashes on Skyrim 1.5 Patch, however Followers may have Problems to/enter leave ship, waiting for the next Skyrim Patch, I was not able to make a stable Version that touches the exterior Navmeshes so I cut it out for this Version
  • Winterhold added as Travel Location for the ship
  • Added some pictures for the book
  • Performance improved inside the ship, redone the whole lightning and triggers
  • multilanguage English and German

Version 1.03
  • Dragon Priest Masks can be displayed
  • Dragon Claws can be displayed
  • Reward added for collecting 15 of the Masks/claws, Teleportamulet with mark&return-function
  • improved performance inside the ship
  • follower added, also works as merchant
  • exterior of the ship characterized, the ship looks alive now

Version 1.02
  • Deadcount Script removed from Snorri's chamber, only the puzzle is needed to proceed now

Version 1.01
  • Shipinterior fixed, companions leave now properly

  • Traveling with the ship means not realtime traveling, its just fasttravel.
  • I'm not a native english speaker (I guess you know allready), let me know if something is wrong
  • the cells that are affected are the solitude docks, dawnstar north, northeast of winterhold and the east of windhelm docks near Hollyfrost Farm, other mods that add content to this places will conflict

  • Bethesda for Skyrim
  • tkratos for making an italian translation

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Have Fun!