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Here is our awaited 2.0 drop of the SkyrimBall Z project! Playable Saiyan Race and Dragonball Hair!

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Here is our awaited 2.0 drop for Skyrimball Z ( Semi overhaul/Non-Lore friendly Skyrim Enhancer!)

So what do you get in 2.0?
DBZ Standalone Spells
Kaioken x2/x10 ( stackable spell)-This is a charging spell, for show accuracy.
The Kamehameha 2.0 ( Fast Cast Style, Traditional, Japanese Goku, and Krillin)
KiBlast 2.0 (more balanced)
KiBlast Auto (less powerful, but it autofires)
Triple Threat Descructo-Disc (krillin)
New Playable Saiyan Race!
4 Dragonball Hair Alphas
Yamcha the Desert Bandit
Oub from Dragonball GT
DragonballZ battle gloves for non-saiyans ( saiyans do 65 unarmed damage naturally)

If you're running our first version, please uninstall all the files.
Installation is drop in your datafolder and go! multiple esp's so feel free to pick and choose what you want!

Here's a video of them in action! ( no music as to hear the sfx better)!

You can search our old entry for more videos of the progression of the project.

Also, this is not exactly lore friendly. It's not meant to be. It's not going to be a huge overhaul. it's meant to get the dragonball races in and explain their exsistence, and as soon as my quest line is will be.

Suggested Mod's to enjoy this more:
No fall damage:
Goku outfit:
Scouter ( it rocks!)

Also we removed the dragonball bat file as it screwed up some people's games. you can google how to increase jump height and running's pretty easy.

We are figuring out how to add the new spell/energy attack tomes to the game to a merchant, so there might be a small update really soon. Until then, just console help"kamehameha/senzu/destructo/dbz/ki blast...ect" 0 and make sure to add only spell tomes and in the case of senzu beans the alchemy entry not the ingredient.

Like DBZ and want to see more in skyrim? Well we're looking for some help! If you can do the following, please send us a message!
Texturing ( we have meshes, but can't get our textures to wrap right, we can do the rigging)
Can somehow make people fly
Or just want to get in on the fun!