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Conjure: Elemental Force
Part of DyingAtheist's New Spells series.

This mod does two things; firstly, it adds a brand new spell to the game entitled "Elemental Force". This spell summons each of the three elemental atronachs in unison for 2 minutes. It looks, frankly, badass.
Secondly, in order to accomodate for this, the perk "Twin Souls" in the Conjuration perk tree has been changed to "Treble Souls" and will now allow the summoning of three atronachs or undead simultaneously.

The spell tome is on the right-hand side of the Librarian's desk in the Arcaneum, College of Winterhold. The spell requires 100 (Master) Conjuration to cast and a substantial amount of mana.


TO INSTALL - Drag the .esp file into your Skyrim Data folder.
TO UNINSTALL - Do the opposite of what I just said.

V.1 - Spell and tome have been added to the game.


The plan in future is to have a host of new spells/tomes that are accesible through a secret library room, itself requiring the completion of a unique quest.

If interested, follow the link for my Youtube channel, where I play through Skyrim (Among other games) and record Mod Spotlights as well as a Creation Kit Tutorial series.