Diu Vux - Day Long Candlelight Spell by DyingAtheist
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Diu Vux - 'Long Light' in Latin.
Part of DyingAtheist's New Spells series.

Candlelight, for Mages who do not wish to carry a Torch, is an immensely useful spell. Especially if you play with other mods that increase the darkness of dungeons.
However, it lasts for a maximum of 60 seconds, and that is a lot of re-casting in a long dungeon.
So I present to you, Diu Vux!
The spell tome, availiable in the Arcaneum of the College of Winterhold on the librarian's desk, will teach you the Diu Vux spell; this level 50 Alteration Spell (Adept) will summon a ball of light that follows you for an entire in game day.
You will require a slightly sizeable mana bar, as this spell is designed with Mages in mind (Failing that, get yourself some Alteration mana reduction gear!) but it should save a lot of spell swapping in dungeons.

TO INSTALL - Drag the .esp file into your Skyrim Data folder.
TO UNINSTALL - Do the opposite of what I just said.
NOTES - The spell says it has a constant, per sec cost. It does not. That's an error.

The plan in future is to have a host of new spells/tomes that are accesible through a secret library room, itself requiring the completion of a unique quest.

If interested, follow the link for my Youtube channel, where I play through Skyrim (Among other games) and record Mod Spotlights as well as a Creation Kit Tutorial series.