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Let your follower have and mount their horse as well...

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First of all I really never understood why it wasn't in vanilla Skyrim.... business pushing the release my only guess, because was totally unrealistic (even in oblivion etc, actually).

Anyway this mod once installed lets your follower have and ride an horse that will spawn near your last ridden horse.
It works with stolen horses, quest horses, but of course works best with stabled horses.

1 - I suggest you to never mount the follower horse, it may result in the follower mounting yours and after you dismount you'd have to catch your horse that tries to go back to stables.
2 - You can fast travel but note that your follower may not be teleporting with you if you were mounted, IT IS NOT AN ISSUE tho your companion will come back after a while (specially if you transition to doors etc)
3 - Once their AI kicks in followers are rather slow (they walk) to catch their horse ( just go.. they will catch up ).
4 - The AI will not enter combat unless you dismount and so the normal behavior starts.
5 - If your follower is very close to you and you dismount, they may not dismount at first... but once you start moving they will.
6 - Follower horses are not owned by the player so they will show with Red name.. this is totally normal! they are not supposed to be mounted by you!
7 - If for some reason follower horses aren't showing up, mount up on your horse and then dismount.. in few seconds follower horses should show up.

WIP!!!!! So please post feedback in the comments!
Please ENDORSE if you like it :) Will keep this mod known!

This mod doesn't edit any vanilla assets/content so it is supposed to work with any mod that improves followers or so... unless they use their own conditions and protocols which I cannot know.

If your follower doesn't mount:
Followers that don't mount are not in the right faction that is why.. it is not my mod fault nor I can do anything about it.. for the game they are not followers internally.. You can fix with console tho, scroll down in the comments , someone posted it already:
try this console command:
"addtofaction 5C84D 1" with your follower selected.
(Thanks ChiaraFee for testing this)

Big thanks to DamarStiehl for helping me debug some crazy thing Bethesda set up for us modders :)

UPDATE 1.74:
Fixed possible CTD with animal followers.

UPDATE 1.73:
Removed the forgotten debug text.
Improved followers AI when mounting and following.

UPDATE 1.72:
Hopefully fixed the bug that prevented this mod to work properly.
Followers again will mount up a little bit slower.. but this is to allow max speed while mounted.

UPDATE 1.71:
Fixed a possible issue that could prevent followers to mount up!

Renamed follower's horses to "Follower's Horse".
Removed any code related to horse behavior, your current (player) horse may still run away.. to return it in vanilla state:
Open console, click your horse, type "setav confidence 1"
Follower's horses condifence is still low , so they will run away but they always stick around the player's horse so no issue there.
Raised the distance at which followers follow the player while mounted.

UPDATE 1.61:
Small hotfix to avoid a crash that can happen if you have a dog follower and tries to mount!

Fixed a very nasty bug related to the script folder scripts always running... using BSA now, this update is really needed and make sure you clear all the scripts containing "voidMF" from the scripts folder as well as the old voidMountedFollower.esp! (Using NMM, simply deactivate and delete the old version)
Fixed horse behavior, now they run away from fights.
Raised cap to 6 follower horses!
Renamed to Mounted Followers :)

Solved a bug when followers are in wait status, horses will not fight only when player is close (this should unlock AI... altho I cannot predict any other mod... they should use quest priority properly)

Added experimental support for up to 3 mounted followers... Need testing and feedback!

Lowered priority of player's horse AI, should work better with other mods that change horses AI.

Followers now should mount up quicker, follower's horse is essential, both yours and follower's horse won't fight anymore at all!

Fixed issues with certain modded followers, some vanilla quest npcs and hirelings not mounting.