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*UPDATED 09.02.2014*

I have finally updated this with a keyless entry once again.

HallGate Mansion Player Home


Set within it's own secure and scenic area, HallGate Mansion is a player home unlike any other. This home is on a semi large scale, being a mansion
that is based on the BlackBriar Chalet. The outer model remains the same, but the interior has been completely revamped...every item has been
deleted and the walls and rooms have been remade. The result is a completely new home, refined for those with expensive taste but still like simple
interior design. Outside the home is a new area too, all secluded and tucked away from prying eyes by a fully surrounding and high walled walkway.
No more will pesky thieves just wander in! Or villagers attempt an attack on your precious home!

The rear of the house supports a viewing balcony, with views of a beatifull pond. Leading to this pond from your own private stable is an above ground walkway.

HOW TO FIND HallGate Mansion

This home and area is located west of Whiterun, it is fairly obvious as it has a large surrounding wall and many high trees visible behind it.


- Crafting facilities contained

*Sharpening Wheel
*Cooking Stove
*Tanning Rack
*Enchantment Table
*Alchemy Table

- Plenty of storage for all your items, placed in handy areas and near crafting utilities

- Weapon racks, 4 in the dining area and 1 beside your bed

- 3 mannequin beside your bed

- Beautifull open plan design inside mansion

- Bar with cosey socialising area

- Larder with collectable items

- Balcony, reached from upper floor door

- Nice homely room for your companion

- Beautifull pond out back

- Another pond near entrance

- Wooden walkway to home from gate

- Inside home fully navemeshed from scratch

- Insects and fish

- A map marker for easy travel to this location once found

- A dragon skull with fire breathing magic cast on it in the main dining room


These are some things im planning to do with this mod ( Only one to go now! )

* Make a mission to gain access or the key to this home and front gate - possible story from previous owner


*UPDATED 12.03.2012*

V3 - ESSENTIAL UPDATE!! Now fully Navmeshed!

- Navmeshed the grounds outside the house from scratch

- Fixed Navmesh to doorways in and out of house

- Fixed Navmesh up stairway to master bedroom in home

NOTE: Please make sure you only have one version of this mod installed. It has occured to me that i've released
updates with slightly different names, eg PlayerMansion, PlayerMansioVv2.1 etc...this version will be
labeled simply as "PlayerMansion" as per the original download. Just use this one.


V2.5 - Additional Garden added to replace bland left side of house

- Added 2 small garden areas

- Added a well with magic blue water swirl

- Added three planters with various essential food ingredients

- Added bench area

- Added Mushroom growing area, complete will full set of various mushrooms

- Fixed a few floating plants here and there


V2.1 - Outside area finalising ( not 100% complete but a good solid release to keep things moving )

- Removed bridge to balcony and shortened walkway to original plan

- Added lighting to the walkway

- Added fire pits in main area near entrance with lighting to match

- Fixed dissapearing land under single stable

- Flora tweaked, added and adjusted in a few areas

- Moved light in bar area inside home from barrel to pillar

- Brought barrel bottoms in bar area further out for a better effect


V2.0 - Major Overhaul of outer area

- New high walkway added, joining rear balcony

- New gaurd area with archers targets

- Small private stable with one horse

- Lighting tweaked all round outer area

- Gaurd tower added near starting gate

- Gaurd tent added and two bedrolls

- Rear balcony remade

- Cart in basement now static

- Two new grocery basket's added next to cart

- Seated area with campfire

- Many many tweaks and additions to landscape

v1.0 - Initial Release


If you have any suggestions, comments (positive and negative are welcome) or just want to say thanks, PLEASE DO!

IF YOU LIKE THIS, PLEASE ENDORSE IT! It greatly boosts my positivity and shows me if im heading in the right direction!

I know endorsing is a pain with the waiting time, but I would really appreciate the effort of all endorsements!


Any problems or questions, feel free to ask on the Skyrim Nexus Forum (where you should have downloaded this file)


Please don't modify or copy this mod without asking me permission first





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