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This applies HI RES textures for the two moons in Skyrim. Goes awasome with Moon Size Tweek by akindain. All phases added for both.

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I used Moon Size Tweek by akindain for bigger moons. Just unrar to skyrim/Data/textures/sky.The bigger moon is named MASSER as default name and the smaller moon is named SECUNDA so change that and you apply whichever texture you want to whichever moon you want...I applied earth to the bigger one...All phases added for both. Did the earth night side too.
I never posted the files like this but this game is so awasome and epic that i...i simply had to...the moon texture is from the web and a little photoshop...but the earth one is custome made...o well...not quite...some textures are edited photoshoped but the earth itself if from CELESTIA "The free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions." Some textures are from The Celestia Motherlode site. The result...JUST TRY IT!!!
They say that some 10 billion years ago the moon was 15 times closer to earth...couse his drifting away right that means that back then the moon was 15 times bigger in the sky :) imagine that...OR JUST DOWNLOAD THE FILE! :)

TRY Moon size tweaker by akindain
i also found out myself how to size the moons separately using the Moon size tweaker...
you use "download with manager" button when downloading Moon size tweaker file from akindain... (or just download then find the file and add in menager ) then in Nexus Mod Manager under tab MODS you check the downloaded file and activate it...then under PLUGINS tab you check the size you want...ONLY ONE SIZE...
NOW...sizing them separately...check out the video in HD

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