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Those who wear the Nightshade Armor move in silence and exude death.

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1.0 Complete Armor Red/Black. Enjoy. Gloves, Boots, Armor and Mask options all available in one download. Mask comes in 3 flavors, full, no neck, and neck only. Armor comes in 3 flavors. Full catsuit, bare shoulders, and chestpiece only (bare legs). Gloves and boots are the same except they now come in red and black in one download.

Minor Update: Catsuit version available under optional files. Will not affect your textures, just overwrite.

.9c is up now. Fixed some clipping on the butt with the skinniest body. Fixed floating weapons away from the body. And of course the initial wrist issue is fixed. And (against popular demand) I added a BLACK armor. Edit: Dark Brotherhood replacers going up now as well. Then...sleeeeeeep.

.9 First version of the gauntlets is up. Happy to hear helpful feedback. Thanks go to Witblitz, maker of the panty hose for UNP clothing, for helping me figure out skintight cloth.

.8d Various versions upped. Champagne has original pants, all other versions have a tighter knit blacker dragonskin body suit. Pantless version and various replacers under optional files. German version also available. NOTE - If you want to translate this armor to another language...feel free, just message me.

.8c directory structure fixed

DESCRIPTION: Craftable armor, found under "misc", designed for use as an assassin. Similar in protection as glass armor, but way sexier. I'll upload a dark brotherhood replacer version tomorrow. This is a beta. The weight slider should work. Let me know about any issues.

INSTALL: drop \data\ folder into your skyrim directory and activate nightshade_armor.esp in data files, or your mod manager. Requires elven smithing perk but is found under "misc", not "elven".

by calyps @

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