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Take all items out of storage before updating!
The update will most likely reset all of the containers in the mod, better safe than sorry. So don't come crying to me if everything disappears because of this.

Anorith's Shack

I originally created this for one of my roleplaying characters that I'd set with some restrictions and a small backstory. The mod is named after her, although the shack in-game is not.
You will find the Old Hunting Shack on the shores of Lake Ilinalta across from Half-Moon Mill. it contains basic necessities for a hunter in the shack and the unlockable grotto is a bit more fancier. The grotto is locked with the tribute chest key that you receive at the end of the Thieves Guild questline. This is to prevent some visual spoilers!

For Clarification on the Grotto:
The grotto is key locked, the only way to access this without cheating is to complete the Thieves Guild Storyline completely. The Key required is not a custom key, even if you have already completed the Thieves Guild Quest prior to this mod, you will still have this key. The main reason for the lock is a particular statue that I used inside the cave that you encounter in the Thieve Guild Storyline. I didn't want to ruin the awe inspiring sight of this particular statue when you see it in the quest. If you wish to ruin that, you can use the console to unlock the trapdoor. The secondary reason is that not all things should be free. :P The shack above is of course free to use as you wish.

V1.1: Many Thanks to Grimulkan for figuring out the Navmesh problem!

The Shack contains:
A bed
Cooking pot
Alchemy station
Chopping block
Tanning rack
Small garden

The Grotto Contains:
Enchantment table
2 bedrolls
Cooking pot
Bookcase (containers like the ones in the College of Winterhold)
2 Mannequins
Weapon Rack

It's best to use the Nexus Mod Manager to download and activate this.

Manual Installation:

Unzip the file and plop AnorithsShack.esp into the data folder in your Skyrim directory. Activate it in the launcher.

I've tested this as much as I possibly can and fixed up all the bugs I could find. The water in the grotto sometimes acts weird (makes you fall a bit), but that's something to do with the game itself and I do not know how to fix that. Mannequins will sometimes change position as if they are alive, exiting and re-entering usually fixes this up. This will most likely conflict with anything in the same location.

My Screenshots:
I've noticed that some people were interested in what I was using to make my screenshots so nice. I am using a combination of .ini tweaks for the shadows, the AO setting in the Nvidia controller and an excellent ENB preset called CLENB - Cinematic lighting. I can only point you to a forum thread that I found extremely helpful in tweaking my .ini, the rest is up to you. Here it is.

This is my first completed Skyrim mod and hopefully not my last!


Please do not upload this elsewhere as I will not be able to keep the file up to date.

Version History:
1.1 : Fixed Navmesh Issue - Item removal from chests recommended before updating to this version. Eternally grateful to Grimulkan for figuring out the issue.
1.0 : Release