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Last updated at 15:09, 7 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 14:36, 3 Mar 2012

This mod adds 70 small boxes hidden throughout Skyrim. The boxes are bright green and are mostly put in hard to reach or well hidden places. To find them, look for green sticks (since v2.1 the stick has changed, see in gallery).If you see one of them, that means the box is close. Mostly you will be able to see the box from the sticks position.

Sometimes it will be impossible to reach the box, without shouts. Use Whirlwind or Ethereal. Some boxes are easy to get while at some places you better use fastsave for every step you take. It might be frustrating, but its worth the feeling when you get there.

To most locations I added some steps or ramps for you to climb. I have tested each location and it is possible to get all of the boxes.

Each box contains some gold and a picture from amazing artist Dan Scott. Dan is a professional artist who illustrates cards for Magic the Gathering or Warhammer games. If you like his pictures, please visit his website

Once you find the first box, a quest message will show up. It will keep a count of the boxes you have found. After you collect the drawing from the box, the stick nearby will disappear.
So there is 70 boxes, each with a unique drawing. The drawings are stored in your book inventory. They are no weight and no value.

I will give you location of few of them, but the rest you will have to find on your own. (There is now an option to download a complete list of all places in optional files.
The boxes are not indoors. They are usually on some ledge or roof. But not always.

Some random locations:
Azura's Shrine
Near Pride of Telvos (East of Winterhold)
Top of mountain above Raldbthar
Bards Leap Summit
Near Broken Limb Camp
Whiterun has few boxes. One is inside the city, above the main gate. One is on roof of the castle.
Added few more to Whiterun
I hope you will have good fun looking and especially climbing to the other ones.

This is my first mod so go easy on me.

If you enjoyed my mod, tell your friends about it and dont forget to ENDORSE.
If anyone would like to make a video of my mod, that would be great. I tried to make it myself, but my computer can barely handle Skyrim on its own. Just pm me first.

I have a written permission from Dan Scott to use his pictures in my mod.

Nexus mod manager is recommended.
If you download manually, just copy all the files to your data folder.
If you are upgrading from older version of my mod, uninstall the old version first. You will lose all the drawings you have already collected and will have to find them again. Unfortunately i dont know a way around it.

Q: Any conflicts with other mods?
A: Yes. If you use mods that alter towns or buildings or landscapes, its possible that the author moved the building and my box is now hidden. E.g. Towns and Villages Enhanced etc. My mod will work, you just wont be able to find all the boxes.
Q: I see the box,but I cant get to it!!!
A: I have tested all the places and i is possible. Some of the boxes are tricky though. You have to be patient. Unless some other mod made changes to this location...
Q: I have almost all of them, but cant find the rest.
A: You can download a full list of places from optional files.

3.3.12 Version 1 - 50 boxes well hidden throughout Skyrim.

9.3.12 Version 2 - added another 20 boxes.

1.10.12 Added a list of all the boxes with their locations revealed. Its up to you if you download it, but it may spoil the game for you. I would recommend to read this only if you are looking for the last few missing boxes. Otherwise you will be just teleporting from place to place and theres not much fun in it. You decide.

20.3.2013 Version 2.1
- Once you find the first box, you will get an entry to your journal. It keeps track of how many boxes you have found.
- After you collect the drawing, the stick disappears. Boxes stay.
- New stick. Wooden with two red ribbons. It blends better to towns and all around more lore-friendly.
- Optional German version
All credits for this update go to ''nnm''. Thanks mate.

7.2.2014 Version 2.11
- Fixed the wrong link from the TriggerBox at the Twilight Sepulcher exterior that did not disable the marker stick correctly.

- Fixed the wrong link from the TriggerBox at the the Bonestrew Crest exterior. Same reason as above...
Thanks you again nnw.

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