Homefront Estate by Muuto2011
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Added: 03/03/2012 - 11:49AM
Updated: 04/03/2012 - 07:44PM

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Last updated at 19:44, 4 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 11:49, 3 Mar 2012

*I haven't been playing skyrim for long time, I will pick this mod up again sometimes. I've been modding FalloutNV, so check out my mods once I upload them :P

New in 1.1
-Major rework on exterior
-Added armory
-Added Kitchen (needs more clutter)
-Added Vault
-Added smithy to backyard
-Navmeshed the house (basement still lacking)
-More mannequins, weapon plaques and racks
-Little "quest" to obtain the key to the house
-Can't remember the rest

The key to the house is at the whiteriver watch, at the top where the bandit boss is, look for the strongbox.

Medium sized house near Whiterun with basement, armory, study, small library, master bedroom, servant's room (not yet in use), dining area and lots of storage space.
(Longer description coming later)

I will be updating this once I get more feedback.

There will be:
-Servant and his/her room finished
-Basement nav-mesh
-Better alchemy station
-Storage room
-Wine cellar
-Better forge/armory
-Adding more clutter
-More weapon racks and plaques, got problems with them at downstairs so I had to remove them, ones at second floor should work.
-Location might chance or at least much better exterior.
-Anything? Give me some feedback and ideas!