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Adds an MCM menu with options to turn the player into a vampire or a vampire lord, or cure the player of their vampirism.

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Many thanks to those who have endorsed my work, I appreciate the recognition.

===What this Mod Does===

Adds an MCM Menu with two checkboxes, vampire and vampire lord. Checking vampire will turn the player into a vampire, and unchecking it will cure them. Checking vampire lord will turn the player into a vampire (if they aren't already) and add the vampire lord transformation to the player's list of spells, unchecking it will remove the vampire lord transformation from the player.

Doing anything that involves turning the player into a vampire will require you to unpause the game and allow the visual effects of the player becoming a vampire to end before the MCM menu can be used for anything else, it should take about five seconds or so.


Requires Dawnguard, SkyUI, SKSE and a legal, up to date copy of Skyrim.


Compatible with Better Vampires by Brehanin 5_7:

Please report any compatible or incompatible mods in the comments section, if I don't update this page to reflect that (in)compatibility please message me.


Install with NMM or C&P to your data directory. Uninstallation with NMM or by deleting the files (1 .esp, 1 .pex and 1 .psc) should cause absolutely zero issues.

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