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Added: 03/03/2012 - 11:05AM
Updated: 06/03/2012 - 07:31AM

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Last updated at 7:31, 6 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 11:05, 3 Mar 2012

I made some modifications to the vanilla Falmer armor for CBBE v3. I also modified the CBBE v3 body somewhat. For those familiar with my work, this armor uses the same body mesh changes as my previous two replacers. There are two versions, a is a simple replacer for the vanilla mesh and a standalone, craftable non-replacer versoin that can be constructed at any forge.

This is the third armor I have editted in this fashion. I'm open to ideas about future projects, but I am very much a novice at this and will probably only edit vanilla armors and clothes.

Please check out my Savior's Hide and Ancient Nord Armor replacers, Thieves Guild Duelist Armor, and Field Mage Outfit

- Caliente's Female Body Mod
- CBBE v3 Compatible Texture (I use Navetsea's)

- Open the archive
- Copy "Falmer Darkseeker.esp" to Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data (standalone version only)
- Copy the Meshes folder to the Meshes folder in Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data
- Copy the Textures folder to the Textures folder in Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data
- Select "Yes" when prompted

- neck seam issues (more towards max weight)
- some minor bone weighting issues

Caliente - CBBE is an incredible work of art and I very much appreciate Caliente's dedication and generosity to the Skyrim community.

Layer Bikini by Anano - The underwear comes from this fantastic mod. Check out Anano's mod, its excellent work.

Bethesda - Creating a great game and encouraging us to add something of our own to it.

To CherryHotaling for an excellent and thorough 3DS Max and Nifskope tutorial on armor conversions.
Officebeardontcare for a great youtube video tutorial.
And Axeface and Ghogiel for some insight when I ran into an export problem.
MxR for featuring my mods on Skyrim Mods Weekly.
Saiodin for featuring my mods on Skyrim Mods Series.

And Everyone who tried out my previous mod, especially those who gave feedback, suggestions, and endorsed.

Featured on Skyrim Mods Weekly #14