Liliths razor - Custom Sword by wiikki
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Added: 02/03/2012 - 10:23PM
Updated: 29/08/2012 - 01:58PM

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Last updated at 13:58, 29 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 22:23, 2 Mar 2012

This mod has been remade => Lilith's Carver. I will no longer update / offer support for this file.

(Lilith's Razor - This mod)

(Lilith's Cleavers - Link)

Lilith's Disemboweler - Link

Lilith's Decapitator - Link

Lilith's Reaver - Link

Lilith's Sickle - Link


ver. 1.1D notes:

- This version of the 1.1 adds a small version of the original lilith's razor that's a dagger. This version is a request.

- All glow options are available

- Since this mod has it's own esp file this weapon can be used with the original 1.1 at the same time. If you have some other version already installed, you won't need to download the textures again since they (the mesh files)
are using the same path for the textures.

Upgrade for 1.1abc textures:
Since this mod was originally my first actual skyrim import I didn't really pay attention to the file sizes of the textures. The ones found in the main files are 45mbs altogether and that's what's causing the ~40second freeze every time you equip them. The loading time is dependant on your hardware obviously but it's still quite annoying to wait more than a few seconds.

I have uploaded UPGRADED 4K TEXTURES for all the glow options that are now 50% smaller in file size. The details and such are exactly the same as in the older textures since I only removed the alpha layer from them (which was completely useless in there). This should decrease the loading time by 50% as well.

I also uploaded sets of optional textures that are 2000x2000 but are only 7mbs althogether making the loading time almost non-existent. Some details on the weapon might be a little blurry (mainly the sigil on the blade) but it's nothing considerably ugly.

ver. 1.1C notes:

-V1.1C is basically the 1.1 but with the same size as the original 1.0 thus being ideal for people "who like it big"

-All lighting options included in 1.1 and 1.1B are available in this version as well which are "Basic Glow", "Less glow" and "No Glow".

ver. 1.1B notes:

The version 1.1B is the same as 1.1 except the textures and lighting have been modified to make the weapon look more realistic:

-more reflections from environment

-lightly colored parts of the weapon no longer emit light and have been made slightly darker.

ver. 1.1 notes:
- The size of the blade as well as the handle have been adjusted to look more realistic
- Grip has been made thicker and has a new shape
- The version 1.1 has two options:

Basic Glow: Same glow as in v1.0

Less Glow: Less intense glow (see comparison in the images section on SkyrimNexus)

Check the readme file within the .rar for installion info

This mod adds a wicked sword, blessed by the mistress of the night, Lilith's razor into Skyrim. It has custom textures and meshes (!!) and an eerie glow (gasp).

The sword itself is craftable through daedric smithing. Though the craft requires a few times more materials than daedric sword, it's quite a lot more lethal.

What comes to the model and aesthetic outlook in general I was trying to make a sword with anime/manga style influences which can be seen quite clearly especially when you look at the lenght. Yup, it's pretty exaggerated.
but that's cool, right?



If you wish to upgrade the current mod to it's up to date version remember to delete all the files of the older version you installed (nifs, dds, esp). Also, before uninstalling it'd be good if you got rid of the weapon (unequipping should be enough)to avoid possible conficts. You know, just to be safe.

Since the craft requires somewhat a lot of materials, you can add it to your character by doing the following if you just wish to see what the weapon itself looks like etc.:

1. open console

2. type : help lilith

3. the console gives you the id

4. type: player.additem *id* *quantity*


Thanks to:

Bethesda for making Skyrim :P

And LeckerHamster on Youtube for his extremely helpful tutorial on nifscope and the whole process of importing weapons to skyrim.