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Safe to install mid-game. This is my attempt to improve Wylandriah's appearance. ESP and No ESP versions available. Unofficial Patch also available.

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Your screenshots are greatly appreciated!

This is my attempt to improve Wylandriah's appearance.
Tell me if you notice any issue.

"Wylandriah is a Bosmer mage Skyrim who serves as the court wizard to the Jarl of Riften. She is chronically forgetful and talks to herself, often losing her train of thought. Wylandriah's main focus in life is the pursuit of her research, and she cares for little else." - Source

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  • A body of your choice.
  • A skin of your choice.


+ What is the difference between ESP and NO ESP?
- ESP is made so you can force the game to load this mod last. Any previous replacer of this NPC will be overwritten. No ESP is for those who haven't modded this NPC yet and are using the vanilla version. I personally use the NO ESP version.

+ There is a conflict between your replacers.
- It is safe to overwrite. All my replacers have several files in common.

+ Will this affect quests/dialogs/behaviors/etc?
- No, it only changes the appearance of this NPC.

+ This NPC does not look like your screenshots.
- Not all textures and ENB look the same. I use BnP skin + PI-CHO ENB.

+ Have you modified the vanilla weight or skin tone?
- No, they keep the same values. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to make the No ESP version without a neck seam/gap.

  • Bethesda
  • SKSE Team
  • Expired (RaceMenu)
  • Niroku (Morphs)
  • Hvergelmir, Hello Santa & TREBoy (Brows)
  • Kalilies (Hair)
  • LogRaam, Tullius, Kala, Aberin & Nerune (Eyes)
  • Fridam (Skin)

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