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skyfall515 - ported by terminetwork

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Completely transforms the Sleeping Tree and the surrounding area with an ancient Hist tree and other atmospheric and lore-friendly elements.

Permissions and credits
Original SSE mod made by skyfall515
Thank you for making this great mod and leaving open permissions for backporting!

Now it would be hilarious if Argonians characters could change gender by touching this beautiful hist tree haha

- terminetwork

~ Introduction ~
This mod was created because of how uninteresting and uninspired the vanilla Sleeping Tree experience and location was (Sleeping Tree Camp). It was such a disappointment and so underwhelming!

No longer! This Sleeping Tree Overhaul aims to bring you an interesting and awe inspiring location full of tiny little details, character, uniqueness, and magical mystery. 

The ancient and mystifying Hist tree has a foreboding sound that draws you to its presence. The tree is now truly worthy of an Argonian’s reverence. 

~ Features ~
- a truly unique sleeping Hist tree model
- a larger pond of water
- hanging vines, hanging tribal lanterns
- subtle swarms of insects flying around the lanterns
- hanging Hist flowers and wind chime
- glowing underwater roots
- mysterious low swirling fog
- carved cairns and rune circle
- a place to sit cross legged to honor tree 
- ESL flagged
- LOD included
- a custom sound fx that adds an eerie and foreboding creaking sound fx coming from the Hist tree. This conveys it’s mystery and its otherworldly sentience. 

~ Compatibility ~
Compatible with nearly everything. There’s very few overhauls if any that I know of that enhance the Sleeping Tree Camp location. Not compatible of course with other Sleeping Tree model replacers. The Giants camp was not touched at all. No NavMesh edits either. There’s a few patches and optional files that exist for minor adjustments -
- LoS II patch (by ToosTruss)
- Grandiose Giants patch (by ToosTruus)
- Embers XD patch (by ToosTruus)
- Traverse the Ulvenwald patch (by clearing)
- Dead looking (leafless) tree mesh
- Magical Purple Glow Effect tree mesh
- Seasonal Patch (by Fallven)

~ FAQ ~
ESL flagged? Safe to install mid-game?

Can I still access the spigot for sap? 
Yes, it’s subtly hidden under some hanging moss. 

Skyrim LE version?
If anyone wants to backport this to LE, please go for it. You have my permission. 

~ Thank you ~
A huge thank you to all of your who download this mod and enjoy it. Knowing that something I made brought someone even just a tiny bit of joy, is a wonderful feeling. Which inspires me to make more mods. I appreciate the modding community! Happy modding!

~ Credits ~
- All the lovely folks at my discord. 
- Clofas, the audio expert, for the amazingly atmospheric sound fx when approaching the tree. 
- ToosTruus, for being so helpful with the so many technical parts of this mod.
- BrandiUntz for extensive testing. 
- MechanicalPanda for… you know why ;)
- FrankBlack for his “slightly better rock cairn” meshes
- Mathy for his tribal lantern meshes and textures. 
- AgentW for the carved rock texture. 
- KiddGimmick for his amazing marsh plant model and textures. 
- Saerileth for the wind chime mesh and textures. 
- m150 for his hanging hist flower mesh. 
- TechArtBGN (sketchfab) for the tree branches and vines. 
- DJMaesen (sketchfab) for the ancient tree trunk. 
- chiwei (sketchfab) for the incense model and texture.