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Stops the dialogue window from automatically closing after around 2 minutes of inactivity from the player. This should be fine to merge into Bashed Patch to save an ESP slot. This is just a very simple edit to a game setting.

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I'm surprised a mod like this doesn't exist already. All this took to fix was a simple edit to a game setting.

The decision from Bethesda to make the dialogue window auto-close after like 2 minutes, in addition to not letting the player pause the game during dialogue, is a very strange choice to me.

Dialogue does not work like this in Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, nor in Fallout New Vegas.

In all those games dialogue would essentially pause the entire game-world in general anyway, but you could also just leave the dialogue open if you needed to do something else, or even open the pause menu while in dialogue.

In Skyrim, for whatever reason, they decided to change this perfectly working system.

So, now, if you need to answer your front door, or take a piss, you're outta luck. Because if you leave the dialogue window open for around 2 minutes it'll auto-close.

This can cause you to miss dialogue completely, and for some mods it'll even break their dialogue if their author didn't set up a contingency for the player doing this.

Why Bethesda thought this was a good change is beyond me.

With this mod you can now leave the dialogue window open for literal real world days and it won't close by itself.

This an LE backport of an SE mod I made. Here's the Special Edition version.