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This mod adds the option to purchase a basement addition to the house in Windhelm. Within it you\'ll find 10 new mannequins, display cases of assorted sizes, wall plaques, and a dozen weapon racks.

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Windhelm's Hjerim is a fine estate, but worthy of The Dragonborn?

The true Dovahkiin needs a place to display his prizes, treasures, trophies, and spoils of war. This mod adds the option to purchase a basement addition to the house in Windhelm. Within it you'll find 10 new mannequins, display cases of assorted sizes, wall plaques, and a dozen weapon racks. In the corner are 4 tall bookshelves, with a knapsack, satchel, and locked safe. Extra weapons and armor can be stored in various chests. A full smithing chamber is provided, complete with smelter and component storage.

Along the back wall are plaques for your symbols of rank: a wall plaque for each Hold which can grant the title of Thane. Each plaque is adorned with a shield to indicate the source of the weapon. Banners will be raised as your character joins Skyrim's many factions.

The cases and ranks and mannequins all come empty, waiting for you to fill them with your story.

Once the mod is installed, talk to the steward of Windhelm. The basement is another decoration option you can purchase. When you do, the ladder down will be unlocked.

This mod also fixes the bug in the vanilla game's shield/weapon plaques so that mounted weapons mirror each other properly. Now you can properly mount axes and daedric weapons without them looking weird.

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IMPORTANT If you're updating from version 1.2 or earlier, make sure there is no file named TIF__000E67CC.pex in your scripts folder. If it is there, delete it.

Option 1: If you haven't already, download and install Nexus Mod Manager. After doing that, click on the button above that says "Download with Manager". Once NMM opens and finishes downloading, go to the "Mods" tab, select the entry for Q's Windhelm Basement and click the install button.

Option 2: Go to the downloads page and click "Download manually". Once your browser downloads the archive file (zip or 7z format), extract the contents into your Skyrim/Data folder. (Steam installs will be found at /steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data)

To everyone: I appreciate all the support and comments. But I've moved on from Skyrim modding and this mod will no longer receive updates. Thanks for all the endorsements.

    Version History:
    • Fixed paths in BSA for weapon plaque models
    • 1.6
    • Added banner for Sovngarde
    • Created new banner for the Companions
    • 1.5
    • Added a bypass method for those unable to buy it
    • 1.4
    • Added banners
    • More navmesh fixes, companions will not open cases trying to reach you
    • 1.3b
    • Archive uploaded to Nexus contained the wrong ESP file
    • 1.3
    • Fixed a script mix-up that broke the ability to purchase for some people
    • 1.2c
    • Included proper NIF file for fixing the wall plaque bug in vanilla Skyrim
    • 1.2b
    • Navmesh updates
    • Upstairs navmesh finalized
    • Removed locks from safe, chest because some people had issues with missing keys
    • 1.1b
    • The papyrus script was missing. It has been included in download 1.1b.
    • 1.1
    • Extended NavMesh in alcoves
    • 1.0
    • Initial release

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      Known issues:
    • Orcish battleaxes do not mount on racks or plaques properly
    • Blades swords do not like to stay on wall mounts

Frequently Asked Question:
Q: Does the basement come decked out with all the armor and weapons in the screenshots?
A: No, it comes almost empty. The screenshots are just an example of what you can do.

Q: Why not use Dovahkiin Hideout?
A: The goals of the mods are different, I think. This is meant to be just an extension of the existing house, not a replacement. It follows Windhelm architecture and doesn't duplicate things like the bedroom, kitchen, enchanting/alechmy station. It's small enough that you can reach everything quickly.

Q: Is it compatible with Dovahkiin Hideout?
A: Both use a similar trapdoor to enter, but DH places its trapdoor in a different location so in theory they should be compatible (I have not yet tested).

Q: I have to pay for it?
A: Yes, this is another decoration option to be bought from the steward of Windhelm.

Q: The option to buy the basement from the steward doesn't show up *or* doesn't work right!
A: There's a bypass option: go into the housecarl's (smaller) bedroom. There is a round wall decoration right above a hexagonal one. 'Use' the top round decoration and you should get a message that the basement was unlocked.