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WIP, The mines of moria, trying to keep the layout as true to LOTR lore as possible. But don\'t worry the bridge of Khazad-Dum is in there.

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[size=15]Version 2.2 released[/size]

The dwarven city of Moria lies beneath Skyrim and is slowly being repopulated.

This is a long term project to create a fully functioning Moria within Skyrim. We will be sticking to lore as closely as possible (ignore the fact we are slamming together LOTR and Skyrim).

Location: North of Riverwood on East side of the river.

[size=11]Version 2.2 includes:[/size]

-Many more people
-Complex movement paths
-Goblins in second hall and Durins stairs
-Loads more clutter
-Lighting sorted

[size=11]Previous releases include:[/size]

-The East Gate
-Durin's Bridge (Bridge of Khazad-Dûm)
-2nd Hall
-Durin's Causeway (the Stairs)
To get here go to the right in the 2nd Hall
-Balin's tomb and 32nd Hall
To get here go to the final door at the end of Durins Causeway
-Enemies in the 2nd Hall
-Renaming of various NPCs
-Lighting fixes
-Various small glitch fixes (floor height mismatches, havoc settling issues, etc.)
-More small detail items added (cups, mugs, food, paper etc.)

Known/Obvious bugs and issues:

-2nd Hall navmesh not fully optimised
-Minor Lighting issues in a few places

Mods that conflict
-Conflicts with the following mods: midas magic, moar dragons, Quest: And the Realms of Daedra and possibly shenk theivery overhall. The reason is unknown at the moment.
-Can conflict with Dovahkiin Retreat mod - Buildings appear through steps. Obviously our entrance will get moved at some point.

The next release should (hopefully) include:

-The Council Chamber
-More enemies to fight
-More small detail items (cups, mugs, food, paper etc.)
-Various small glitch fixes (floor height mismatches, havoc settling issues, etc.)
-More NPCs


Either use the NMM installer or copy the file "Moria" into the skyrim data folder.

We appreciate and welcome any comments and suggestions of ideas to improve the mines. If you find any bugs or glitches that we haven't already then please give details about their nature and location. We also already have a long list of features we would like to make but are likely to be quite a way off in the future, these are things like:

-A Quest line to reclaim the mines bit by bit
-Quest lines after various areas have been reclaimed and reinhabited
-A dwarven race (not the Dwemer) to actually do the reinhabitting
-Balanced mithril mining and smithing.
-Various retextures (The West Door, armours, weapons etc.)
-and yes A BALROG!


PS. If you want a bit of fun, pick a fight with the army of guards in a room off the left of the 2nd Hall (The massive Hall after the bridge).

The Team: