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The Review Studio mod for Skyrim is meant for use by video creators when making movies about armor and weapon mods. It provides a clean, empty space without distractions in which to film.

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The Review Studio mod for Skyrim is meant for use by video creators when reviewing armor and weapon mods. It can also be a useful tool for modders and any one else who likes to create movies and screenshots. It provides a clean, empty space without distractions in which to film.


Review Studio contains eight unique cells, named Studio1, Studio2, Studio3, Studio4 StudioBigWhite, StudioBigGreen, StudioBigBlue, and StudioBigBlack.

To access the studios uses console command "CoC Studio1", "CoC Studio2", "CoC Studio3", "CoC Studio4", "CoC StudioBigWhite", "CoC StudioBigGreen", "CoC StudioBigBlue", or "CoC StudioBigBlack"

There are now also trap doors hidden behind Olava the Feeble's house in Whiterun that lead to the Studios.

Studio1 is a empty white room

Studio2 is an empty green room

Studio3 is an empty blue room

Studio4 is an empty black room

StudioBigWhite in a massive empty white room with invisible walls and floor.

StudioBigGreen in a massive empty green room with invisible walls and floor.

StudioBigBlue in a massive empty blue room with invisible walls and floor.

StudioBigBlack is a massive empty black room with invisible walls and floor.


Review Studio has been featured on the Skyrim Mods Series: #26. This review includes a basic tutorial for the studio. Watch below!

Installation Information

To install Review Studio use the Nexus Mod Manager or...

To install Review Studio first unzip the .7zip file.
Next place the Review Studio.esp into the /Data folder of your Skyrim Directory.
Then Navigate to the same directories for the meshes (.nif) and textures (.dds) in your Data folder as you see in the extracted files (/Data/meshes/markers and /Data/textures respectively)
and paste the new .nifs and .dds files in those locations.

Package Info

Review Studio contains one Bethesda plugin data file named Review Studio.esp

Review Studio contains three unique static mesh named whiteplane01.nif, greenplane01.nif, and blueplane.nif

Review Studio also contains two unique textures and

Version Additions

1.1 - Added two unique light references to reduce the chance of other mods effecting the lighting in the studio

2.0 Added two more rooms (Studio3 and Studio4) and two new textures ( and and made a few more adjustments to light to prevent conflicts with other mods.

3.0 - Added three more giant rooms with invisible walls/floor and improved ambiant lighting for filming on a large scale. Added the ability to map travel out of all studios. Removed black rooms until camera issues are resolved.

4.0 - Fixed and re-added both black rooms. Added Nav Mesh to the studio 1, 2, 3, and 4. Placed trap doors to access studios in Whiterun.


Concept: Studio 1 and 2 by Saio
Concept: Studio 3 and 4 by Geeyouwhy
Co-creator: Green textures by Mgbeach

Other Notes
No longer supported. I do not plan to purchase Hearthfire due to a personal distaste for the product and so cannot mod with the new content. This mod should still work with unexpanded Skyrim (and Dawnguard if noted as such). Sorry for any inconvenience but with this game being almost a year old I feel it's time to move on to newer modding horizons. Thank you to everyone who downloaded and enjoyed my Skyrim mods. I hope to see you all again in other mod workshops. Best wishes!