Sexy Swimsuit and bikinis for CBBE by Nikitaa
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Added: 01/03/2012 - 10:17AM
Updated: 14/05/2015 - 11:07PM

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Last updated at 23:07, 14 May 2015 Uploaded at 10:17, 1 Mar 2012

Hi and welcome on my mod. This mod add a bikini with pushup effet to the body (the CBBE v3). It give you a more natural effect with the tight clothes. 34 models are available. You can find the vendor next to the Winking Skeever in Solitude.
(The character used for screenshots is Ellen, created with Succubus Race)

The Pushup body called also ( CBBEPU ) is a modified body from Caliente made by me. It "equip" the most of my clothing mods to give a more natural effect with the tight clothes. That why all my mods are uncompatible with other type of body . This body works perfectly with all the CBBE original bodies. See my others mods to see more examples. It doesn't replace anything.

Version 4.1 05/11/2013 (currently version)
- Fix the displaying Type D Leather.
- Fix the invisible necklace and ring.
- Add good 1st person view.

Version 4.0 04/11/2013
- New bikinis models and textures
- Add one piece bikinis and japanese school swimsuits
- Add a vendor next to Winking Skeever in Solitude

Version 3.0 09/04/2012
- New bikinis models
- New textures for the chest

Version 2.5 03/04/2012
- Fixed mesh for .0
- Fixed texture glossiness
- Add a new box texture

Version 2.0 20/03/2012 - new colors
- Add a chest in Winking Skeever
- Translation fixed
- Add 15 defence rate to equip on NPC

Version 1.0 01/03/2012

- Make sure tu use the lastest update or the desired version.
- Make sure you have the lighe ''bEnableFileSelection=1'' in SkyrimPrefs.ini under [Launcher].
- Make sure "SexyBikinis.esp" is checked in Data Files in the Skyrim launcher or in Nexus mod Manager.
- If you update, copy files into data directory and click Ok to overwrite files.

If it you first mod you have to add that line in SkyrimPrefs.ini located in My document/MyGames/Skyrim or something. Add the line in bold in [Launcher] section like this :


To uninstall:
1. Start Skyrim launcher, click Data Files, .esp.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

- Calientes Female Body –CBBE by Caliente
- Skyrim Academy

Clipping may appears with extra poses.

* KURESE for the meshes and textures.
* Ryks for the meshes and textures.
* Caliente for Caliente's Body Mod - Big Bottom Edition v3.

By mrkrossfaith and l1nkown