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A 3D replacer for the Tundra Scrub.

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This is a backport of Cathedral - 3D Stonecrop mod thanks to open permissions by the author DrJacopo. The description below is from the original mod.

The Tundra Scrub, commonly seen in Whiterun as piles of flat leaves, has offended us for over a decade now. Botanists in the community agree that the vanilla plant was likely designed after the Sedum genus, or Stonecrop, and so that is what I've modeled in 3D to replace the Tundra Scrub. The model features an expansive root system which looks great over stone and mitigates clipping with the ground by elevating the plant.

On Performance
Each sedum plant is only 4 triangles (or 7 total if with flower). For perspective, the vertex count of each model is on par with two vanilla mushroom clusters.