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Tezya Can be found in Winterhold Tavern he's an old forgetful Altmer.

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Can be found in Winterhold Tavern

Non-Vanilla Framework
Two-Handed Staff wielder who can heal the player
He can stay at your Player home and any Inn You tell him to stay.
Comments on weather and is quest aware.
Currently, has 400 lines and is still a work in progress.

Tezya was born with little magical talent. He failed a test given by his
father. He only knew healing magic and wanted to become a healer. This
upset his father and he was outcast and treated with less respect.
He found himself learning some healing magic later in life, but mainly he
fought with a double-headed staff. He was a monk and a bit of a warm,
subdued Mer who knew nearly nothing about how to be an Altmer.  He
showed kindness and patience to all he met, and even healed those who
needed it.

Joe Meyer:

My other follower mods:
Isadore Custom Voiced Male Bosmer

Big thank you to:
Idrinth and his community also for huge support and interaction with his follower.
Shahariel for helping me with lore, story ideas and helping with grammar and spelling.
JospehRussell for his youtube tutorials and his great follower mod. A big inspiration for me to make a follower mod
Smartbluecat For Inigo who inspired me and many others to create follower mods.
Deck16 This site helped a lot to learn many things about creating a follower mod
Skyrim MW for tutorials on follower frameworks
UESPWIki A must-have for all things Elder Scrolls lore
Creation Kit Wiki for scripts and many things regarding CK
Thanks to Arcane University and Idrinth's discord.
Thanks to all who have come around to check out Isadore and Tezya

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