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Tired of having to break into a ladies-only religious building just to start this quest? Is that something your character would never do? This mod has you covered with new roleplaying opportunities, more dialogue and more choices.

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NOTE: I am not the original mod creator. I merely backported this mod with JaySerpa's permission. If you require assistance on how to play the mod, please ask on the original SE Mod Page.

Modified mod page description follows:


Main Features:

  • New OPTIONAL, convenient and immersive way to start the quest.
  • You no longer have to break into the temple and get caught to do the quest. Instead, once you become Thane of the Reach, the high priestess of Dibella will send for you and brief you on the situation. 
  • New scenes, dialogue options and more chances for roleplaying all throughout.
  • Full mod is voiced using carefully spliced lines, which should sound pretty much on par with vanilla-quality.
  • The vanilla path to do the quest remains available, with some extra dialogue to spice things up. 
  • If you've sided with the Forsworn in "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine", there's now a new way to resolve the quest without violence.
  • Fun easter eggs and fixes all throughout the mod. See a full list below.
  • Option to customize the blessing effect: in vanilla, you get 10% extra damage against the opposite sex. Now, you can customize it to be extra damage against the same sex, extra damage against both sexes (but only 5% each) or extra damage against no one (lol). Dibella, this is the 4th Era, getin with the times. This is changed via a fully voiced conversation with the priestess of Dibella. Just so we're clear: this is a fully optional dialogue NOT imposed on you. The vanilla default is still the default, but if you want to change it, you can. It's all voiced and implemented very immersively.


How To Start The New Quest Path: 

Become a Thane of the Reach (And go to sleep). Courier will be sent after you with a letter that starts the quest.


Video Showcase

Easter Eggs and smaller changes:

  • Mother Hamal will be a lot friendlier towards you if you don't break into the Inner Sanctum. She will be more willing to answer questions.
  • Fjotra, gets new robes once she joins the temple as the Sybil.
  • Disrespecting the temple has consequences: If you jump into the sacred fountain of Dibella and the sisters see you, they will not be happy. They're REALLY serious about Dibella.
  • You can tell Mother Hamal you don't want to get involved, failing the quest but getting rid of it in your journal.
  • You can question Fjotra (the kid) and either support her decision or try to change her mind about becoming Sybil.
  • Fjotra's parents will be a lot nicer towards you after you help her daughter. (Thanks to James for the original idea!)
  • If the father dies during the rescue, you can tell the wife about it once the daughter is safe.
  • You can bring Fjotra to the dad or to the mother, you're not really supposed to and it doesn't change anything, but dialogues reflect this now.
  • You can call a favor from Madanach if you helped him escape during "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine". He will return the favor and free the girl. Finally siding with the Forsworn has at least one repercussion in the game.
  • The scene between Fjotra and her father now have correct headtracking so they look at each other.
  • There's an alternative way to receive Mother Hamal's letter: If you help at least 12 people in the Reach region, she will get word of your good  deeds too.
  • Many of the journal entries for each stage were empty, they now have text.



  • Should be compatible with everything, except for mods that modify this quest. Place my mod after any such mods.
  • Mods that modify the "Agent of Dibella" perk might need a patch. I don't know any, but who knows. Last mod to modify it in your load order will win the conflict. Not a huge deal if you don't care about my inclusive changes.
  • Compatible with mods that change the Temple of Dibella (JK's mod)
  • If you're using RS children, download the patch in the optional files for Fjotra's clothes.
  • Mod makes no changes to NPCs, so ALL npc replacers are compatible

〜 Ares, Eric, FluffPantsMysterious, 
K0mp1ex, Macpherb, Nightfallstorm〜

& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Your support means a lot!

I don't like the options for changing how the perk works! I get triggered when I see inclusion in mods!
I'm sorry, but this is not up for debate. The option is not imposed on you, you can choose it or not. It's also super out of the way and it's a
minor part of the mod, don't be triggered so easily, friend. This game (and this mod) is all about roleplaying. Having options you can choose
(or not) depending on your character is always a nice thing... provided they're done in a coherent and immersive way.

I still don't like it and I'm going to cry in the comments and call you names!
Please, don't. I don't want this to become a topic in the comments. If you don't like the mod, please skip it. There are almost 50K mods out there. Go get another one. Don't waste your time with this one if you don't like it.

Can I side with the Forsworn in this quest?
No, but you can call in a favor from Madanach if you ended up in good terms and he's still alive. That will allow you to get Fjotra back without
bloodshed. This is only possible if you sided with the Forsworn during "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine". 

Can I convince Fjotra not to join the Temple of Dibella?
No, but you can speak to her and tell her what you think she should do. She'll do whatever she wants though.

What's your stance on AI voiced mods?
The same one I had before: They indeed sound pretty much perfect and it's pretty mind-blowing. I can't help but feel conflicted about it though, so I have no plans to clone any vanilla voices at the moment. Yes, I'm aware splicing could be described as similar, but the only way to have spliced lines sound half-acceptable is to touch the original lines as little as possible. Splicing is all about taking the existing audio files that Bethesda provided to us and reusing them in a different context, with as fewer changes as possible. Putting two lines together from within the game files is quite different than training an AI network with another person's voice and having them say whatever you want. Voice cloning is probably going to get some pushback from the voice actors we know and love (it's already happening) and will eventually be regulated, so even though I'm impressed, I'd rather take a cautious stance for now. 

How did you get so good at using XvaSynth?
Urgh, why do I keep hearing this. I've never used XvaSynth. I've never used any AI cloned voices. All of my mods either reuse lines straight from vanilla in different contexts or they're the combination of putting two vanilla lines together. My dialogue tends to sound okay cause I change as little as possible over the original line. In most cases it IS the original line, just used in a different context. Splicing and reusing lines is obviously super limiting for quests and dialogue, but it can be done if you get creative with your narrative changes. 

What are you up to? What are you doing next? 
I've been hard at work doing this for the most part (and will continue to work on that for the foreseeable future). We'll see afterwards.


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