Valuable Coins -Copper Silver and Gold- by crazyjoe2k - LieutenantHawk
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Added: 29/02/2012 - 08:08PM
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Last updated at 0:08, 11 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 20:08, 29 Feb 2012

This simple little mod adds 3 more valuable coins to the leveled lists and will appear alongside regular coins! The new coins are classified as "vendoritemingots" so you can exchange them anywhere you can sell ingots!

-Copper Coins are the standard coin replacement, and now weigh .001 each
-Silver Coins are now valued at 35 and weigh .01 each
-Golden Coins are now valued at 80 and weigh .1 each
-NEW Platinum Coins are valued at 150 and weigh 1 each

They can all be found at any level with scaling rarity based on the players level :)

I strongly recommend using WryeBash to merge leveled lists! :)
This mod is compatible with thedamned's Skyrim Coin Replacer (, load his mod after mine for proper replacement of 'dumacs' and 'haralds' on the leveled lists!

This mod uses edited textures from the Teutonic Coin replacer by LieutenantHawk, found here:

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LieutenantHawk for permission to use his Teutonic coin texture: