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Adds large piranhas into Skyrim.

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Megapiranha are large species of fast-swimming freshwater predatory fish found in rivers and lakes. They are often found in warmer climates but some have adapted to Skyrim and Solstheim's climate by becoming warm-blooded through a system of heat-exchanging blood vessels in the gills. They have sharp rows of teeth used for tearing flesh, as well as possessing strong jaws, in combination this makes them effective predators, especially when they're hunting in schools.

- One new creature: Megapiranhas.
- Megapiranha meat that can be cooked.

Julian Johnson-Mortimer:
For the
original meshes and textures of Mutant Piranhas from Sketchfab, licensed as CC BY 4.0 Deed Attribution 4.0 International. 

Remodeling, rebaking/modifying textures, loot, and game implementation.

"Norse" font by Joel Carrouce.