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Added: 29/02/2012 - 05:51PM
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Last updated at 22:15, 29 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 17:51, 29 Feb 2012

This is a modders resource, it does not change or add anything in the vanilla game world. It adds mirrored versions of the Dibella, Nocturnal, Azura and Meridia statues, so that they can be used as opposing pairs.

If you wish to see other statues mirrored or have worthy statues(3ds max) you wish to be imported into the game, send me a message.

Azura only had a snowy version so i added a non snowy non mirrored one, same goes for Meridia as it was a load screen art.

Collision was not mirrored on any of the statues (i have not figured out yet how to properly export it :S) so they have the original collision, which works perfectly fine for the new ones too.

New objects can be found in WorldObjects\Static\Clutter\Statues just where their original counterparts were.
Meridia is big and Azura is huge by default, i did not change this so scale them :)

If you wish to use these in your mod you will have to add the items to it by yourself, duplicate or rename/create an item in the CK (preferably the base statue) and change the nif file to the new one. Nif file names ending with an M are mirrored the other ones are bases where there were none usable as a statue.

New object names used in the esp:


Test cell where statues are displayed MirroredStatuesTest, use coc to get there.

Feel free to use it in any mod, give credits and a heads up for me. :)