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These are my completed save files.

Permissions and credits
I completed pretty much everything in the game there was to do up until 3 final paths to decide, then I split the progression into 2 fully completed saves, and the paths are:

1- The 2 paths players can take in the Civil War questline, be it to side with Imperials or Stormcloaks.

2- The 2 paths players can take In the Dawnguard DLC questline, be it to side with the Dawnguard or the Volkihar Vampires.

3- The 2 paths players can take in the Dragonborn DLC when deciding to help either the Rieklings or the Nord Warriors to retake Thirsk Mead Hall.

In these files you can find:

A complete save file with these paths taken:
-Sided with the Imperials
-Sided with the Dawnguard
-Sided with the Thirsk Nord Warriors

A complete save file with these paths taken:
-Sided with the Stormcloaks
-Sided with the Volkihar Vampires
-Sided with the Rieklings

A save file with everything done except these 3 paths I have mentioned, for if anyone wants to do another combination of paths.

+Character specifications:
-Name: Dovahkiin
-Race: Nord
-Gender: Male
-Level: 274

Joined the Dark Brotherhood.

In the Daedric quests I sided with the Daedric Princes in pretty much all cases:

-Azura: Got the Azura's Star form Azura.
-Boethiah: Used a custom Creation Kit NPC to sacrifice in the Boethiah's Calling quest.
-Clavicus-Vile: Helped Barbas go back to its master.
-Hircine: Sided with Sinding.
-Malacath: Killed the Giant for the Orc Chief, then killed him.
-Mehrunes-Dagon: Killed Silus Vesuius to gain the Mehrune's Razor.
-Mephala: Made Alain Dufont temporarily friendly and killed him several times to gain the Ebony Blade to its full power.
-Namira: Made the cannibalistic ritual.
-Vaermina: Got Vaermina's favor by killing Erandur but after the quest I resurrected him and made him friendly.
-With the rest I fully completed their quests and spoke to them as his Champion.

+Quests not completed:
-Paarthurnax: Most people don't like to complete this mission.
-Rejoining the College: Kill someone from the College of Winterhold.
-Destroy the Dark Brotherhood: Kill everybody from the Dark Brotherhood.
-Honor Thy Family: Kill someone from the Dark Brotherhood.
-Reparations: Break the Thieves Guild rules.
-The Bonds of Matrimony: Get married.
-Kidnapped For Ransom: Player spouse gets kidnapped.
-Serana Vampire Cure: Said the correct dialogue option for if anyone wants to ask her to get cured.

Aside from those I did my absolute best to complete every single main and secondary quest available in the game, get all unique items including the ones locked by choosing a side and I spoke to everybody until there was nothing else for them to say.

Set Timescale is set to 6 (normally it is at 20), meaning that the time passes pretty much at one fourth of the normal speed.

Used SkyComplete to check and complete everything.

Everything gathered in the game is located in the Hearthfire DLC "Heljarchen Hall" player home.

I have used a lot of mods in these saves, but I never used any script-heavy mods, and I tried my best to revert back to a vanilla state as much as possible.

You can still ask Aela to make yourself a Werewolf in the 2 completed save files, in the not completed one you are already a Werewolf. 

I married Lydia during the playthrough (she's my favorite) but I divorced her with console commands to share these saves so others can marry anyone they want instead of just sticking with the one I picked.

Married a custom Creation Kit Nord woman NPC named "Alexis" temporarily to do the vampire quest called "The Gift" to spare all vanilla NPCs of those ugly permanent blackish-brown eyes.

I adopted 2 kids, Hroar and Runa Fair-Shield, both from the Honorhall Orphanage.

I chose Golldir, Illia and Aranea Ienith as Blades even though Golldir is the only properly suitable for the job and the other two are Mages; I chose them because they are the only 3 available NPCs that have nothing to lose and nothing better to do since they live in the wilderness far away from others.  

+On killing:
-Used mods to decrease the chance of weak but friendly NPCs to die since the "protected" parameter doesn't always work.
-For the quest "Deceiving the Herd" from the vampire side I used generic "Peddlers" (BaseID 000B5D5A and 000BBCD2) to fulfill the high-profile target requirement and not kill any regular town citizen.
- killed all secondary targets of the Dark Brotherhood missions.

I expect you will see 2 similar types of bugs that affect many normal NPCs and town guards:
-many vanilla NPCs will be naked because some mods I used that altered their IDs.
-many NPC guards will be headless, naked and walking in T-pose because some mods I used that altered their IDs.

Solution for normal NPCs:
You might have to make them equip their gear manually with console commands, or by asking them to follow you and giving stuff or taking away stuff from their inventory since pretty much all of them are followers, or they could possibly equip their stuff upon cell reset. 

Solution for normal town guards:
1-Open the console
2-Select with the cursor the bugged NPC
3-type "recycleactor", and press enter
4-type "resetinventory", and press enter

The guard most likely will disappear after that, but a new fixed guard will spawn nearby to continue normal patrol, and the broken T-posing guard will be gone.

V2 UPDATE (5/12/2024):
Fixed the T-posing guards' problem by going to each city and town that they spawn (including Stormcloak and Imperial camps) and using the console commands method mentioned previously. There still may be some bugged guard left behind, but I fixed every broken guard I saw everywhere, and hopefully I got them all in all of the saves; also, the two fully completed saves now have the player character at level 300.

V3 Update (7/8/2024):
Fixed a bug in Helgen caused by an improperly uninstalled mod that changed that place.

Fixed a small mistake in which I included the NPC Ranmir as a potential follower.