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Cute nord to join your travels

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                                                                    Kyaru 2.0

Hi I present you this time another berry's cute face preset converted in a follower as usual, Kyaru, this is the 2.0 update of a previous one, she comes in a fomod version that allows you to choose a custom body (CBBE or asset) or another that uses your textures and body (default).



_Light armor 

_She is a powerful dual weild warrior and good archer 

She will wait for you at the hall of the death in Windhelm, she will look like this:


Q: It´s safe to install? 
A: Yes

Q: How I install it
A: Genereally you'll need a mod manager, if manually just uncompress and mix meshes/textures shared folder and one of the main folder (01:default, 02: CBBE or 03:asset), once you've done that you'll have Meshes-Textures-follower.esp, then compress and install

Q: She is marriageable?
A: Yes

Q: Can you change the follower to  my taste?
A: No, you can't tell an artist how to paint his canvas ;)

Q: Can you add this or that replacer?
A: Often no, I see nobody give the options I offer and I don't see you complaining there, maybe I will have it in mind for next ones.

Q: What is an ESP-FE (ESL)?
A: Skyrim only allows 256 plugins, with this plugin format this will not count in your load order

Q: How I change her textures and body?
A: Just look at the textures and meshes folder once there you'll find [ (name of the follower) body ], go there and open body folder and replace the files

Q: It's not lore friendly
A: I enjoy doing both type of followers, immersive and just for fun, please relax and accept you can't control all in life, will be good for your heart )))

Q: Can you make my custom followers or face presets?
A: We can agree something at personal messages here and my discord Farodadestin.

Q: She is too powerful, too weak
A: You can edit her with SSE edit or TES 5 edit

Q: Why do you link other game assets?
A: Just for credit, if you want it search it at the Nexus browser


Kyaru 2.0 by ViperMini  
The pure by Anini Regenbot and Shiva
Viper's natural body by vipermini141
Mikan eyes by Nerune
Koralina eyebrows  by Koralina
Ks Hairdos by Kalilies and Stealthic
High Poly Head by KuoLeifoh

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