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Pretty Lips for all the Females with lips (Sorry Kajits and Argonians!)

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Pretty Lips by Danariel

NOTE: This only effects the edges of the "lipstick" area, not the color or size of the lips themselves. I chose a larger mouth for the screenshots to better show off the texture. If you choose a smaller mouth in Character Creation, you'll have a smaller mouth. This does the same thing for lips that Xenius' Detailed Lips does, with my own fixes (retains the dip in the upper lip, centers the lipstick on the lips instead of off to the character's right, doesn't change the original shape - on Nords.)

I noticed the jagged edges on the lips when Xenius came out with his mod Detailed Lips. I tried his mod, but it had some issues that I wanted to address. I tried modifying his Nord file, but still felt there was some essential character missing from the original.

I then extracted the original Nord tint mask from the .BSA and went to work. I increased the resolution, smoothed out the jagged edges, and left the essential shape the same. You still get the “lip liner” effect, where it's darker around the outside edges of the lips, and the lip color retains the richness of the originals, but the edges are much smoother.

I was also able to retain the dip in the upper lip and made sure the placement of the tint maps was correct on the lips.

Then I decided to see how this tint mask looked on the other races with lips and lipstick (Sorry, Kajits and Argonians!) One thing I hated about the Wood Elves was their lipstick didn't seem to cover the entire lip. To my happy surprise, they looked great! So this mod now works on Nords, Imperials, Bretons, Redguards, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, and High Elves. If you like it on one race but not the others, feel free to delete the files of the races you don't want it on.

Unzip into your Skyrim install folder at Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim.

Delete the tintmask folder under Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/textures/character/character assets, or delete individual race files from this folder.

>> Credits

Thanks to the following people

Bethesda - for creating Skyrim

Xenius for his beautification mods and the inspiration for this one

>> Distribution Permission

- You may use the content for your own mods, permission from me is required.
- You may not redistribute this mod in any way or claim it as your own.

V1.0 11/23/11

V2.0 11/25/11
Created the tint mask completely from scratch, and managed to REALLY smooth out the jaggies.